Predict Fatshark’s April Fools 2021 (if we get one)

announcement of vermintide mobile game :laughing:

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A little merch advert for U5 onesies, with a special gift for pre order of a nurgling plushie.


New Ultra-Marine crossover-carreer with Darktide.

Pretty sure it’s going to be something about going outside. Probably inhaling that nice Chaos Wastes air, scratch your rear, only to realize it’s your new third arm giving the scratch.

What I want it to be is new pets for our characters. Think of a tiny Chaos Spawn following us around. Picks up all our loot. Gives us bonuses. And if you get Chaos Wastes before launch, then you get a @Fatshark_Hedge pet and the Ubersreik 5 in Total War: Warhammer 3.


After reading Hedge’s comment in the Steam Forum I now want a character lore book where they explain the background lore and story of a few thousand enemies:

  • the story of Jose, Julio and Jamon the Skaven slave rats brothers and their raid on Helmgart
  • the rise of Clive, the dual wielding Chaos Warrior who was forced to use a single great axe
  • the tale of Ingo the warp dust addicted Skaven who thinks he is an assassin but reveals his location all the time by constant whispering

Whenever I miss as a bounty hunter I can then make this :weary::

Or if your team pulls a Chaos Patrol on Cata :sweat_smile:

GIMME DAT HEDGE PET NAU! :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

Chaos Wastes £49,99 with additional weapons in loot boxes at £1 for a 35% chance of a guaranteed red duplicate hat. Reddit would explode in a shower of boiling bile and the backlash would cause @Fatshark_Hedge 's soul to leave his body and go fishing instead.


Sea Elf Kerillian confirmed ?

Sea Beastmen Confirmed ?

Kharibis as monster confirmed ?

Clan Scurvy confirmed ? (I can go on if needed)


I’d do a trailer about cousin Okri being behind the end times and we having to fight him, I’ll end the trailer with bardin saying “eheheh we are screwed”.

Ok that was actually a pretty sweet gag. Well played FS.

Lol the Return to Reik!

Even with an incoming expansion I think it’s too cruel to tease a DLC :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is entertaining. The usual suspects are already salting heavily in the Steam Forum.

I mean they could have done worse. Announcing that they remaster all Vermintide 1 maps (including DLCs) for Vermintide 2 as Weave maps. I would totally dig that but the other part of the community would probably melt down.

But seriously, the Weaves have been explained to us as fragments of past events. They could totally include parts of Vermintide 1 maps into the Weaves.

They could have done Avatar Sienna

April’s fools joke is that Announcing Vermintide 2 - Return to the Reik DLC might not be a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Firelord Sienna?

I would actually consider this a real possibility. Like waiting for all the salt and insults to be dropped and then:

Gotcha, here is the real DLC you fools!


This’d make me happy. :smiley: even if it’s a single map.

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Guys… you do realize the joke is about that stuck ship, right?

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We do, but in our eyes the possibility of an actual map is too juicy to pass it up.

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