Poxbursters should receive a decrease to both hp dmg and corruption dealt when hit by their outer radius compared to their inner radius

The amount of damage and corruption inflicted by a Poxburster depends on how close/far you are.

  • There’s the inner radius, which inflicts 50 corruption and 50 hp damage.
  • There’s the outer radius, which inflicts 35 corruption and 65 hp damage.

Let’s consider different scenarios with different max healths. It should be noted that the corruption is first applied, and then comes the hp damage.

Scenario: 150 HP

If you have exactly 150 hp, getting hit by the inner radius is always a bad thing. In order to survive two poxbursters, it is mandatory to get hit by their outer radius twice. In this way, you will be downed, but you will only receive 70 corruption, allowing you to avoid full-dying.

So far, so good. You get punished for being hit by their inner radius.

Scenario: 157.5 HP

  • Inner → Inner: You’ll survive with 7.5 HP and 100 corruption. A wound has been corrupted, but you’re at least alive.
  • Inner → Outer: You’ll die, because you’ll have 165 HP removed, and you will suffer enough corruption (85) to knock a wound away.
  • Outer → Inner: You’ll survive with 7.5 HP and 85 corruption. Basically the same scenario as Inner → Inner but with less corruption.
  • Outer → Outer: You will receive 165 overall damage to your health. However, you do not receive enough corruption (70 corruption) to take a wound away, so you will get downed instead of full-dying.

The ‘Inner → Outer’ case is what I would like to bring your attention to in particular, because it is a situation where you get punished for taking the outer radius damage in the wrong order (compared to if you would’ve gotten hit with ‘Outer → Inner’.

In short: Rather than having Poxbursters deal 100 damage for both the inner/outer radius and then splitting 50%/50% of it into hp/corruption for the inner radius and then 65%/35% for the outer radius, the outer radius should also deal less HP damage. E.g., the outer radius should do something like 35 hp and 35 corruption instead.

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I didn’t realise that there was a split in terms of inner/outer damage, but it’s strange that the “safer” radius has a more mechanically punishing outcome… hell, the fact that two areas of effect exist without any falloff seems strange.

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