You shouldn't take damage from a burster if you are farther than a push

This is a bug to me, but I suspect it’s intentional so dropping this in the gameplay section.

As long as I push a pox burster, I almost never take damage. However, even if I’m farther away from the burster than when I do push, if I don’t push, I take damage.

In other words, my distance from the pox burster has little meaning. This breaks the immersion hard. The effect of the explosion should be related to your proximity to it. If I know it’s not safe to go for the push and I’m able to get 2x the distance than if I did push, I shouldn’t take damage. It’s nonsensical and frustrating.

Please make distance from the burster have meaning.


Best example of this just happened. Was next to someone who pushed a burster. When the burst happened, they were closer to it than me. They took zero damage, I lost 1/3 of my health. This makes no sense. Please get rid of this mechanic. It’s bad.


I will second this.

The current implementation punishes players for not being the one to shove the burster, which is contrary to the entire ethos of a team game.

The blast also seems to have no falloff at all that I can tell, so even if you’re just one millimetre too close, you take full damage.

I get that the various special types generally fall into those that either try to punish you for not staying as a team (hounds, trappers) and also ones that try to split the team (flamers, bombers, bursters) but the bursters are toxic (pun not intended) as far as how they relate to team tactics, because even dealing with them “right” often still damages your team.

It’s probably less of an issue if your team is all on voice (“Get clear, I’ll deal with it”), but that’s been extremely rare with any pick-up group I’ve played with, and the game needs to acknowledge that a lot of players only use chat (not viable while being attacked) or in-game pings.


Totally agree and this is super annoying.


@FatsharkCatfish Can you chime in on whether this is a bug or intentional? I’d love to move this into the bug section if that’s the case!


Definitely agree. At the very least the damage should fall off based on distance. You either take 100% damage because you are a milimeter too close or 0 damage because you are a milimeter out of range. Very annoying