Rewarding gameplay - PoxBomber burst deals friendly fire

Push a pox walker is meant to be a “high risk high reward” move
Yet the only reward is not to be blasted into oblivion or across a room.
In addition it’s a bit janky and sometimes just still hits you.

It would be incredibly rewarding if pushing them back into the horde dealt the damage to the horde as well.

Please fatshark


It’d be enough for me if they could stop appearing from out of nowhere, or from a door 2 meters in front of you, giving you no room to do anything.

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I love the concept, but where did you get ‘meant to be’? If that’s a slip, I won’t give you a hard time, but if you have a source that it’s something we’re suppose to do, I’d love to know what it is and where you heard it. Not trying to play gotcha, just the phrase stood out.

It’s meant to be because atm the reward part is not there :slight_smile:
SO it’s just high risk.

I would think pushing a pox walker would be a bad idea all together. I get trying it, since game death isn’t real death… but wouldn’t expect it to work.

This is the of the most frustrating parts of the game to me at the moment. Door opens, trapper comes out, instantly traps you. Teammates comes to help you, poxburster appears, etc.

Specials should not be able to appear within a certain distance of players.

Pox bomber wombos are a super fun way of getting completely murdered in the second it takes for your teammates to save you from being pinned by a special. It’d be neat if they went for the other players instead of rubbing salt in the wound of a player already out of the action and at the mercy of his teammates.

The reward of pushing a pox burster is protecting your teammates from it blowing up, as well as the 5 or so seconds of it being stunned allowing to nullify the damage.

Poxbursters are meant to be dangerous, something that is supposed to be taken out at range and if it gets too close that’s your last ditch effort of protecting everyone. High risk (Potentially taking heavy damage) for high reward (No one takes damage at all).

Although I must admit it would be satisfying watching it just blow up all the enemies you pushed it into. Why can we FF teammates with barrels but enemies can’t FF with bursters?