Instant death with Grims

Had 2 grims in a mission, also had 2 white pips of health.

Had not been downed once, instantly died to a Pox Burster.

This is not how it should work, is this a bug?

Poxbursters do a lot of corruption damage so it is possible that it did enough to take away your remaining health.


No that’s not the point, the point is the corruption outright counts as wounds.
So if you’re downed once you die, which feels awful.

Pox bursters apply corruption. There’s a good chance you got enough corruption from that pox burster to put you just under one bar of white health, then die instantly after getting downed.

That’s understandable, but it really shouldn’t work like that.
Being insta-gibbed right at the end of a level feels REALLY bad when you hadn’t been downed once.