BUG: WHC dying instantly after being downed

Issue Summary:
When WHC is downed his is almost insta killed immediately after. Unlike other characters who once downed takes at least some time to actually die after being hit. Multiple points now after being downed I have been killed almost instantly in a crowd. We’re talking less than half a second. I quite literally had people standing next to me when I was downed and died so fast they didnt’ even have time to click on me to pick me up. This does not happen with ANY other character I play ONLY the WHC experiences this.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Downed in a crowd of mobs.
  2. Get hit and insta killed after.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Common (< 50%)

Additional Information:
Its almost as if the WHC has 1/4th the health of other characters once downed.

I hadn’t really noticed this prior as I just don’t tend to go down very often, and when I do its generally a full party wipe. Not just me alone.

But I have actually seen it enough now, that I am sure this is bugged.

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