Instantly Dying When Dropping From Ledges in "Into the Nest"

Issue Summary:
(I would add my video to the other posts on here regarding this bug, but they all seem to be locked).

When dropping from various ledges in the mission “Into the Nest” I have been killed twice on separate occasions. Only seems to happen on this map.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Happens at random, as far as I know

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

  1. Rare (< 10%)

Additional Information:

  • Seems to be random
  • Different ledges both times
  • Off-host both times
  • Mission was initiated through Quick Play
  • I use the OG Xbox console
  • First part of the video was from before the latest patch rolled out on Xbox, second example happened after
  • Doesn’t seem to matter if you have been downed previously, you are instantly killed regardless, as if the character has fallen out of the map

[Attach a Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]
Video showcasing two examples of when this has happened to me - once as the Shade on Champion (off-host), and once as the Dwarven Ranger on Veteran (off-host).

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