Into the Nest Bugged Ledge

Issue Summary:

One of the ledges on Into the Nest is bugged, and when a bot walked off, rather than visibly hanging onto it and being accessible to revive, they were floating away from the ledge, far enough away that they could not be rescued.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to the described area, also shown in the screenshots.
  2. Walk off the ledge.
  3. Proceed to die as you cannot be rescued, along with any would-be rescuers who walked too close.

Additional Information:

On Into the Nest, in the area after the Rat Pens, going past the first wooden bridge with two item spawns on either side of it, on the next wooden bridge a bot walked off a ledge. It was the version of the bridge where it spawned on the left (facing towards it from the first bridge), rather than the right. He was levitating away from the ledge, his hands visibly not connected with it. I attempted to revive him, but walked too far while attempting to get the prompt and was also ledged, levitating away from the edge. The final bot that was still alive was also not able to rescue either of us, standing there for some seconds before the horde came in, doing nothing, and then fighting the horde while both of us plummeted to our death.

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