Into the Nest: Bot fell down way below, unreachable but didn't instantly die

Two issues while playing as a host with bots in Into the Nest - Legend:

1.) In this spot in Into the Nest (see attached screenshots) there seems to be faulty pathing as a bot fell down to it even if there is no enemy attacking him.

2.) The bot fell down way below. Normally a player should instantly die if it falls that deep. But there seemed to be a ledge down there where the bot hanged on. It is unreachable so I or the other bots can not rescue the fallen bot. The enemies also can’t reach the bot to kill him, so I had to wait for some time for the bot’s health to trickle down before he can start his respawn timer.

Session console log:
console-2018-12-15-06.43.35-4CD61F9F-8DF9-42BA-9733-DDC4 Into the Nest bot fell down way below unable to be recued.log (1.3 MB)

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