Instantly killed at full health and toughness. FIX THIS BUG ASAP

I’ve had a few games now that has me being instantly killed despite having full Toughness and HP
This bug should be fixed as soon as possible. its ultimately game breaking.

Was it a crusher overhead? Cause that’s how that attack is supposed to work if so.


Can’t a Crusher overhead be mitigated by 100% toughness? I feel like I’ve survived an overhead like that on occasion, but not absolutely certain (or maybe it was >100% toughness :person_shrugging: )

@Nekromyr do you have any additional info you can provide? By killed, do you mean downed or dead-and-waiting-to-respawn? What map(s) did it happen on, and approx where on the map did it happen? Was there a specific enemy involved? Do you have any gameplay recording of the bug happening? Any extra details you can provide may help to track down the bug faster

Currently Crusher overhead eats your toughness and overflow eats your health, although you can certainly survive it with enough Toughness and TDR.


2 well-timed Crusher overhead attacks can instantly kill you. I’ve seen it.

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As they should.


It wasn’t a crusher.
I was full health and toughness and a poxburster hit me. I’m at 194 Toughness and a 180 health.

and i’m not talking about just getting downed. I’m talking about completely dead instantly at full health with no wound.

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Is there a block cost efficiency or stamina breakpoint which lets you block those overheads btw?

And you also had zero corruption?

You can’t even block them with kinetic deflection on Psyker with 0 peril and full stamina so I doubt it. Can be parried with minimal stamina cost with a well timed claw sword special though.


I tested it to deal 800 resilience damage and 416 HP damage

With the nerfed kinetic deflection you can basically only block this attack with your face or the slab shield. Its like 250 HP damage ignoring toughness completely. Mauler has the same move.

Is it literally the same damage profile? Or less extreme than the crusher version?

The same. The only overhead hit from any of these entities that respects toughness is the Scab Captain (when he has a crusher). But that one does even more HP damage, because it takes 3 weeks for delivery.

guys he already said it was a poxwalker.


I could be misinterpreting @Nekromyr here, but similar things have happened to me in the past, and it’s especially noticeable on my Psyker.

Very rarely when I have 100% Health and Toughness, sometimes if a Poxwalker attacks me from behind. I do not dodge, and I am instantly knocked down.

Close to the release of Darktide, I asked about it in the forums, and other players said it had happened to them, and they thought it was because of server lag; you take extra “ghost” hits because your connection to the server is lagging behind.

Again, I could be misinterpreting @Nekromyr and their problem is something entirely different, but this has been my experience at times.


That’s kind of annoying, but makes sense. Tbh disablers teleporting through their backs is worse.

There’s so much screen spam in this game, people are probably taking the damage legit btw. I’ve noticed times where I get chunked and the only thing around me is a small melee guy though.

As soon as fire is on the screen, you just have to run because you can’t see anything.

Also only playing hip fire Ranged Weapons due to ADS looking like a car is driving across your screen. lmfao

yeah. no corruption. I just used a Medicae, a poxburster came out of nowhere, then boom. thing was carrying an ogryn frag bomb.
Instantly killed. not downed. next thing I know I’m at respawn point, needing rescue.

it happened 2 others times on 2 separate runs. since I posted this. (this meaning opening this issue)
Then I tested it, played a bunch of games and let pox bursters kamikaze. it was inconsistent, sometimes I’d die instantly without downed state and sometimes it just damages me like it would normally would.

apparently looking into it. back in 2022 this bug was also a thing. I found it in this forum as well, but it wasn’t a pox burster.

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Problem with that is I don’t even get the downed state. I get instantly killed. lets say even with the “ghost” hits, at downed state you take a lot of hits before you die and respawn.

I think I know what you mean. You just instantly ragdoll. Kind of like in the good old Counter-Strike days in Half-Life where you get a headshot out of nowhere and just fall over. That type of thing.