Power vs Armored

Since this stat only affects stormvermins and skaven specials, since chaos warriors have boss armor.
Can we replace this stat with power vs elites? Make it work vs, zerks. monks, chaos warriors, maulers, stormvermins. Would make the stat actualy worth it. Makes the most sense, since you all ready have power vs infantry.
Would make my slayers job alot easier, vs elites on dual axes and vs infantry on my 2hander.

With the new legend difficulty, I really feel like I need this stat. I wanted something to hit specifically vs stormvermin and chaos warriors, the game doesn’t have this at the moment. Changing chaos warriors armor type to armored, so the power vs armored actualy has a use would be swell as well.

It now works vs CW in the latest patch. Was apparently an oversight I think.


Awesome! Well then to hell with this post ^^.

Thanks for the clarification, it’s hard to know without precise patch info or a way to test these things.

Woah, what? Seriously? That’s pretty big.

Really? I missed that! Source? Which patch?

Current patch. Wasn’t stated in notes but has been confirmed by dataminers.

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