Power Stone and New Potion/Bomb

This is a way to introduce new kind of utilities that are inspired from the lore of Warhammer (although it isn’t really applicable in Warhammer 40k)

Power Stone are the equivalent of Warp Stone but less worse, not better, just less worse that human/elf/non-chaos race make to store magical power

A Power Stone work for only one wind of Magic at one time and can be grinded up for a less powerful effect and less stable result

Stone Name Wind Slot State Use
True Sapphires Azyr Potion Liquid/Potion Current Blue Potion
Endstones Shyish Bomb Black Stone Gaz (Based on “The Choking Foes”)
Ghost Amber Ghur Potion Liquid/Potion Current Yellow/Brown Potion
Lumen Stones Hysh Potion Liquid/Potion Current Purple Potion
Fire Rubies Aqshy Bomb Liquid/Potion Give Passive Melee Flame DoT (Stack with Sienna DoT)
Goldstone Chamon Potion Stone Give Temporary Shield
Crystal Mist Ulgu Potion Liquid/Potion Grey Potion: Give dodge passive dodge chance
Vitaellum Ghyran Health Liquid/Potion Current Green Potion

The name of the stone are from one of the oldest Warhammer version 2nd or 3rd and their function/use wasn’t really well explained which can give a lot of freedom to FS to build upon

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