Powder bomb causes game-crashes

It seems that the explosion of a powder bomb causes game-crashes to the players. I experienced this many times now. After throwing this bomb, somebody’s game crashed.
For example:

  • Screaming Bell -
    The Host slayed through a horde after the 1st jump. I throwed a bomb into it. He probably looked into the explosion. His game crashed.

  • Halescourge -
    Ok Burblespue is bugged so or so atm, but i joined this fight , because someone obviously dc’d. Saltzpyre threw a bomb , i saw directly into the explosion and my game crashed.

This was the first time i had this personally and i never had it before the beta. I just mentioned it by other players too. Can someone confirm it?

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Do you have any console logs/crash dumps for this?

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I’m at my PC yet, but i’ll add them if i’m back at Home.

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crash_dump-2018-08-26-21.50.21-BEF16E04-EFC1-4CFE-B932-5293.dmp (567.5 KB)

This should be from the Halescourge crash.

console-2018-08-26-21.50.21-BEF16E04-EFC1-4CFE-B932-5293.log (1.3 MB)

I hope that´s the log from the “host - crash” + Halescourge from me.


Cool thanks Darth. We have this crash being looked in to - thanks


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