Strange crash

Heyo, was just playing through fort baconbush when the game suddenly crashed and i am not quite sure why, playing on PC.

Sending logs.

console-2023-03-21-19.12.30-940479eb-84b6-41d9-8e5d-7eaef53c7f9f.log (3.6 MB)

I´d appreciate it if a shark who knows this stuff could tell me what i did to cause this T_T

I suspect this crash is code-related and on us. I’ve raised it in our database and we’ll investigate. Thank you for the report!

Oh alright, carry on!

And on a sidenote i saw something odd in-game recently too.

Purple hinges.

At first i thought it was some random color bug caused by me being in “grey state” but…

Should i try getting logs on this as well?

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