Would you like my friends crash? No? I'm giving it anyway


My friend is a shy one, so I’m posting this on his behalf:

In a random nurgle infested expedition his game CTD’d for unknown reason, maybe you can see better what happened and POSSIBLY even fix it some day :stuck_out_tongue:

his log and crash dump:
console-2021-04-23-17.56.09-214ef213-6e22-4c07-9a94-9b4c25e78e71.zip (1.1 MB) crash_dump-2021-04-23-17.56.09-214ef213-6e22-4c07-9a94-9b4c25e78e71.dmp (739.5 KB)

I’ll take it!

This is already in our database pending resolution, please send my apologies for the inconvenience!

No worries, as longs as someone, someday does something to it (fix preferably) I’m a happy person

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