Potion of Poison Aegis

TLDR: Better-Up Poison Aegis

Was considering a larger topic but want to keep the message focussed this time.

For most potions, you can find some regular utilty in the Chaos Wastes and they can be used in different scenarios. Not so for the Potion of Poison Aegis which has only utilty under two scenarios: A bombardement by Poison Globadiers or Infested Foes.
Fatshark is aware of the potion being very niche as can be seen on the unusally long timer. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the potion is to limited in what it can be used for.

On the other hand, I play a lot of Unchained and there are curses which are for the career twice as difficult as other curses, namely: Baleful Empathy and Unquenchable Thirst
Both in a sense lead to unavoidable damage and as such can cause overcharge easily. No other career(s) have this issue of being especially susceptibleto specific curse (outside of melee only careers and Skulking Sorcerer). I would love for a way to at least temporarily get rid of these curse effects.

As such I suggest to enhance the Potion of Poison Aegis to counter player-related effects of ALL curses:

  • Blood Tornadoes: Do not receive damage by Khornadoes while under potion effect
  • Skulls of Wrath: Do not receive damage by exploding skulls while under potion effect
  • Infested Foes: Poison clouds do no damage while under potion effect (already in place)
  • Miasma of Pestilence: Do not receive debuffs while outside of the Purifying torch aura (still receive FPS drops) while under potion effect
  • Skulking Sorcerer: Can not be grabbed by the Nurgle Ghost while under potion effect
  • Baleful Empathy: Do not receive shared damage nor share damage yourself while under potion effect
  • Unquenchable Thirst: Do not receive continuous damage and also do not get healed by potions while under potion effect
  • Bolt of Change: Do not receive damage by Thor’s lightning strike

While this does look like a lot in the first moment, it is still all very circumstantial and would not be to strong even if keeping the 60 seconds timer. It would help Unchained with the two mentioned curses while also giving some more leeway for annoying curses like Nurgle Ghost or Khornadoes. For Skulls of Wrath it even gives a new tactical element.


  • Leave PoPA as it is
  • Change PoPA as suggested
  • Change PoPA partially as suggested (only some of the mentioned curse effects)
  • Change PoPA in another way

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I agree with some of these suggestions, to add to the potions utility. However, I believe it should still only be limited to dot/ bleed effects from curses or enemies, like the Korneado’s and Unquenchable Thirst.
For what it sells itself as, protecting the player from things like the Nurgle ghost, Tzeench lightning, or Skulls of Wrath would be too far removed, in my opinion, from the potions original intended effect.


Poison Aegis certainly needs something extra. I would like to see the potion also protect from warp-fire and other special damage effects.

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DoT effects is where it should shine. Troll Vom, Fire, Poison from various sources and Khornadoes, possibly stop the ticks of damage when you land from being caught up in a blightstorm, and the two curses mentioned.

Lightning and explosions should still hurt.


Something needs to be done with it, its borderline useless.

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Well, I think we can adhere to the idea that Potion of Poison Aegis needs change. While the number of votes is not huge it is indicative that not a single vote thinks the Potion should stay as it is.

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Égida venenosa: actualmente es inútil en la mayoría de las situaciones. Su uso es para momentos muy específicos. La duración está bien, pero añadiría más efectos.

  • Mi propuesta es que la poción de égida te haga inmune al daño warp (globadier, ratling, stormfiend, lanzacarchas…) también al daño degenerativo del tornado del blightstormer, el tornado puede atraparte pero no te daña cuando lo dejas. A cambio de una reducción del tiempo de efecto.