Potential Sienna 4th Career idea!

A friend and I were brainstorming about Sienna’s 4th career, and I came up with a potential career that is Warhammer lore-inspired and distinctly nuanced career: a Celestial Archmage.

In the Azyr section of the WH wiki, the Blue Wind of Magic is " a manifestation of the Aethyr’s reflection of inspiration and that which is out of reach." Sienna is constantly pushing her limits and testing her capabilities in-game, yet I believe what is ultimately out of reach for her is a sense of belonging and true purpose, as she (used to) roam the land offering her abilities for hire as a Battle Wizard as a means of income and merely to test herself. The page also mentions, “The magic of this Wind is based upon knowledge of the unknowable and the manipulation of the skies.” Though she has not consciously verbalized this, Sienna may ultimately desire near-omniscient knowledge which ultimately serves to further empower her magical abilities, not just in Aqshy’s realm of fire magic but in her entire existence, knowing what her limits are, fulfilling her potential of how powerful she can become on a tangible realm, or finally knowing what exactly has happened to her sister and others that she cared about prior to the End Times - something she has been unable to neither realize nor accept yet.

Reading a little more on Azyr and Blue Winds of Magic, the WH Wiki states that it is one of, if not the most difficult Wind of Magic to master, Sienna may potentially see this embodiment of magic as her true calling, given her proclivity towards power that she can wield and produce at will. Though fire magic in a destructive nature has been an addiction for Sienna, I believe the rush of power is what she truly love. Celestial wizards have incredible potential abilities, such as flight, control over storms, and other intangible powers - such as foresight and manipulating fate itself. Sienna might see this as the culmination to fulfill her true nature: embracing absolute power over mind, body, and the universe.

Basically, I believe Sienna’s 4th career should be a Celestial Archmage that wields lightning magic to her whim. Her first unique characteristic is that she hovers as a means of movement, rather than walks. The second could be changes in her appearance: red brands of Aqshy across her flesh is replaced with glowing runes of Azyr blue, and her eyes emit a vivid blue glow. Third, her robes are now elegantly flowing and a blue color scheme. She could also spout quips using her foresight about Bardin finding (or not) Karak Zorn, Saltzspyre’s now-questionable faith to Sigmar, Kerillians exigency, Kruber’s future in Brettonia, and finally her own potential future during the End Times.

As far as unique weapons at her disposal, the first one that I could imagine, appropriate to the career, would be a staff, held in her left hand, that enables Sienna to project chain-lightning from her right hand would be appropriate. This could have the unique capability to stun/shock enemies as
a form of crowd control, execute low health enemies, and when an enemy is executed below a certain health threshold, the lightning jumps to the next target and inflicts damage - which would either execute the target and jump again or simply fizzle out with that target (if this doesn’t include the “Unlimited Power!” Emperor Palpatine quote that only occurs uncommonly, there will be backlash.)

A potential passive ability that functions similarly to Bardin’s Ironbreaker “Gromril Armor” passive ability could be a lightning affect that stuns the attacker when struck, and other nearby targets depending on the amount of damage dealt by the attacker. If there are no nearby attackers, the enemy suffers damage as well as stunning them. Sienna would have to “recharge” this ability by using her lightning-staff up to a certain damage-well threshold, or by using her ultimate ability - of which I haven’t visualized yet.

I haven’t thought of a potential ultimate ability or any other passive abilities for her yet, these are merely the first that came to mind. If you have anything you feel is appropriate, feel free to add to the thread and see what we can come up with! Thanks for reading.

She’ll be fire- themed, so that she can use all her existing staves and flaming melee weapons. Whatever the new class is, you have to allow players access to a variety of weapons so that different builds are possible.


Would be cool if the new career kept the same staffs but changed their visuals and effects to fit a different casting type

I just want a spe that made more use of burn and/or fire dmg

There is a bit of a lore problem with sienna going here because she only has affinity for fire magic.

So even if lightning sounds fancy it´s not doable, sienna cant use it, and as far as i know the only way to change that is tzeench which…isnt an option.

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That need as much work as making new weapons

Seems a little odd for a passive from a game design perspective just because if it isn’t purely cosmetic it could be pretty darn powerful. It would also make her annoyingly tall for other rangers to shoot over/around.

BUT, I think hovering would be a cool ult. Design wise you’d have to lock her in place so she can’t exploit the map geometry but giving her the ability to fly up out of reach of melee attackers and like, generate no overcharge for 10 seconds or something could be quite cool.

tzeench which…isnt an option.

Welllll… Tzeentch IS very fire themed…

Ignoring the horrible necromancy taking in this thread.

Tzeentch may be fire themed but asked which Chaos God Sienna finds the most appaling she answered Tzeentch. So this is an absolute no-go. After all why use PINK fire?

Though Tzeentch does use fire (to change, his flamer boy are supposed to accelerate change/mutation via said fire) he isn’t the only one

Zuvassin for example is portrayed with fire that is supposed to be white (Like Magnesium sulfate) that instead of creating mutation is supposed to be cleansing of any Chaos mark

But on a more important side, Fire or Aqshy is linked to Khorne, just as if I remember correctly Metal or Chamon

Each wind is linked to an individual god, but at the same time each are linked to Tzeentch because he embody the magic rituals (not the winds, but the rituals) and their implement (To note, all magic is Chaos and technically all come from the realm of Tzeentch, or so do the Sorcerer think)

Wind by Chaos Gods

Khorne: Chamon/Metal and Aqshy/Fire
Slaanesh: Hysh/Light and Ulgu/Shadow
Nurgle: Ghyran/Life and Ghur/Beast
Tzeentch: Azyr/Heaven and Shyish/Death

But can’t firebenders also control lightning?

That’s Avatar, not Warhammer

I dont wana see Sienna pull an Azula arc on us :-:

Psh, Sienna woulda burned Azula down for funsies.

Azura got lightning (+general power) out while getting progressively more mental, landing in a breakdown :sweat_smile:

I like my Sienna medium crazy.

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While I agree that being able to play as a wizard from another college would be fun, I’m pretty sure Warhammer lore does not allow humans to switch schools like that. Even just dabbling in more than one Lore of magic is an almost guaranteed fall to dark magic.

yeah but the carrer aren’t really supposed to be all happening at the same time, so it would be an alternate path for sienna. the same way elve usualy don’t switch from asrai to druchi.

I would love a shadow magic sienna (with oleysha as a master for exemple).

A thing I would love to see is a mele weapon using the overcharge.
Like a sword or long sword with a special attack where sienna cast okkam razor blade on it to have a powerfull shield and armor piercing weapon for a limited time in exange for some charge.

I think the premium careers at the very least are very much meant to be a progression. The unlockable careers might be an alternative universe kind of thing but I don’t believe the premium careers are.
Saltzpyre becoming a Warrior Priest for example is very much set after their chaos wastes expeditions according to the Lohners Chronicles.

Also the difference between asrai and druchii is cultural more than racial, so not impossible.

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All the career divergence happen after the end of VT1, and the Dlc Career happen during the Chaos Waste Expeditions