Post patch Standard Damnation feels really harder than before

I know that now some elites have more HP and higher stagger resistance. Imo it was not needed but that’s not what I’m talking about

I’m talking about:

  • every horde contains 3-4 heavy enemies like Mutants, Crushers, Shielded Ogryns and Maulers
  • the entire map is literally full of specials and elites, it’s super slow proceed through it
  • ranged enemies are more numerous too and don’t switch to melee until the last meter
  • there are more disablers (I saw 3 trappers and 1 dog spawn at the same time without the relative modifier)

I’m still relatively new but due the Vermintide esperience I was handling standard damnation… there were quiet moments and pressure moments

Now every single second of gameplay is really, really stressful… I mean, to me the difference is huge

Did someone notice the same thing?


I noticed the same thing.
The elites are Tankier AND there’s more of them.
So many Ragers.

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Which is strange because if i recall the patch said less elites

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Ye, indeed mate

Excactly, if I’m not wrong I read the same thing

As someone usually play through starting out play heresy (Low, Normal, High and High-Shock) often and trying out damnation (normal and high intensity) in patch 13, I feels like in patch 14 throwing out more spawn elites and specialist even in normal heresy in which feels like i playing damnation high intensity.

My experience (in heresy):

  • More health to certain elites, like ragers and crushers (fits to the patch 14 updates)
  • Horde rush spawn with 3 ragers/maulers and more elites
  • Specialist spawn more than usual (2 dogs, 3 flamers, 2 trappers, 3 poxbursters, 3 mutant), which suddenly all of at once in hi-shock
  • Sudden spawn of elites not naturally by AI director

I know who plays Auric often have no complain for added (bugged) difficulty. But as someone wants to have normal action playthrough, this is the worst.


It wouldn’t be as much of a problem if bulwarks and ragers weren’t horribly designed.

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From a few games last night, it did seem like Gunners/Shotgunners were particularly numerous. In one round we lost (which was regular Damnation or Damnation Hunting Grounds), our team got split up by specialists, and after one pair of players died, around 8-10 shotgunners, along with all the other elites, rocked up to finish off the other pair.

I don’t remember gunner/shotgunner blobs being that dense before the patch :thinking:

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Excactly, same experience

Totally agree… Vermintide version of ragers have clear disadvantages: they almost don’t damage your stamina and they’re super weak vs shotguns… here they’re unstoppanle monsters wich don’t let you attack… nor defend blocking, since they destroy your stamina

p.s they’re hard to dodge too

Excactly, same experience

p.s sorry for three single message, on smartphone I can’t find the multiquote button

You just have to long press the text and the quote button appears. It’s not the most convenient on mobile :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, since patch 14 the spawn rate of specials and monstrosities has really gone up.
With my friends we were ready to go from Heresy to Damnation, but we found ourselves thrown back by the sheer amount of enemies… especially heavy armoured ones and entire squads of shotgunners with a couple of snipers in the mix.

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Thanks for the feedback

Got it, thanks XD

Last night I got killed and I was seeing the enemies being spawned next to my captured character while my friends tried to free me: it was wave after wave of specials.
The more they killed the more got spawned…

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honestly i don’t even like spawns out of vision, i would prefer if they always had to come through an entry point into the map

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Meh, there are so many entry points in each map that it would make no difference.
There was literally a hole where they could have come out of 1 and a half meters away from where they just appeared.

The problem is not how they spawn, but how many there are.

Yep, indeed… yday night I did a damnation without modifiers and three trappers spawned at once

@FatsharkJulia @FatsharkCatfish could you please update us to the current situation? At least to know it’s intended or not


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