Possible solution to the scoreboard issue

Extremely simple.

Elite Kills: 37
Elite Assists: 49

Just add assist counts.

and damage done to elites :slight_smile:

Elite Kills: 37
Elite Assists: 49
Elite HP damage: 3000/9000


The solution to people playing uncooperatively in a coop game was to remove the scoreboard.

evasive. got it.

Yes, can we just get a more in depth scoreboard please? It’s nice to see the total kills, but without knowing at least my own stats and how well I did, I can’t really learn and do better as I’m not even sure I was doing bad/good in the first place.

well if thast how you judge doing well , play a trivial difficulty but group with noobs who cant play spend all day wandering around lost , you will get mad numbers doing that so you will have improved loads.

Scoreboard is used for boasting about kill numbers, nothing more. If you’re really trying to improve, then the scoreboard should have the following:

Average coherency
Damage taken
Number of times downed
Number of times killed
Number of ammo boxes used
Number of attacks dodged
Number of attacks blocked

Those numbers will help you to improve, and you can flame the person with an average coherency less than 1 who uses all the ammo and constantly needs to be revived.

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You miss my point, it’s not just about higher numbers, it’s about being able to compare stats, test my current numbers against previous numbers that I’ve had, it’s playing higher difficulties and seeing if there’s more I can do to be a better team player, which would be easier to see if they had stats along the lines of “teammates revived” “time in coherency” etc. If you wanna just run on lower difficulties you do you, but that’s one shitty way to test yourself and learn to do better :sweat_smile:

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Honestly, if you encounter a player that you feel is not helping the team but instead hunting stats → Esc, Social, “JackAss99” → Vote to kick.

It really is that simple.

Also, just try to talk to them, you’d be surprised how often that helps.

Kicking someone is a last resort, like amputating a gangrenous leg. You get rid of the gangrene but you still end up hopping on one leg.

Something that makes it more likely I will need to kick someone is not a good feature.

My guy, have you played recently?

Every game is a free-for-all, people barely even tak to each other because the chatbox is very poorly implemented (When I am typing and press space, my character jumps/reloads etc) and voice chat doesn’t detect a variety of computer microphones.

I see WAY LESS co-op play in DT than in VT2.

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