Poor Framerate for seemingly no reason

So I’ve constantly had a performance problem on this game for what seems like no reason. I’ve gone around to lots of other discussions but none of the solutions seem to work or the problem isn’t there.

GPU: GTX 1070 ti
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x
16 GB Ram

Using both Task Manager and MSI Afterburner I’ve found my CPU Usage to hover around 50-60%, while my GPU wavers between 40-80% at about 60 degrees. On the recommended settings I get on average 50-70 fps (80 if NOTHING is happening) and when a horde shows up it can waver anywhere from 20-45. I’ve tried turning all the decals and CPU heavy settings low as well as shadows but nothing fixes it. With all of those things turned down I get very slightly better performance but nothing along the lines of what it should be for my hardware.

I really enjoy the game, and its still playable, but this is just a really aggravating problem that I can’t find a solution to. its not new, its been basically since launch, but I’d always assumed it was just my computer but after looking at it just the base level of performance doesn’t make sense.

Hoping someone can help me figure out the problem or just shed some light on what the issue might be. Thanks.

You’re not alone. There’s a ton of threads on here about this. The staff have acknowledged them and I assume are trying to fix it.

Sorry to hear this - we are investigating the reported performance drops. @Absent, it would be much appreciated if you could add this information in to this post by Hedge here, which the appropriate developers will be keeping an eye on.

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