Pls halp sienna build for crowbill the best build pls

pls helpme

Which career ?

Its way simpler than you are making it to be.
The crowbill is good against elites and single targets therefore your secondary must be a trash killer.

ez peezy

honestly, I think even Mace does a better job than crowbill. Crowbill used to be a good elite killer, but mace is better now and I used to run Crowbill and fireball/conflag on all classes but crowbill got a nerf somewhere along the line I think and I prefer mace -definitely on Unchained.

On Pyro Mace can boop-one-hit hook rats if crit triggers.

Crowbill is like Sienna’s version of one handed axe now. Not so good at all really.

It’s unarmored damage isn’t as good as an axe, which I haven’t been able to come up with a good excuse for. It’s on par with like 1H sword but without hitting like 5 enemies per swing. So you’re stuck doing flat horizontal heavies for damage to most elites which have no cleave.

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