Please remove knockback from barrels

Barrels need to function as they do in Vermintide, dealing slight damage to players and having little to no knockback. In a game where deadly pitfalls are as common as the barrels themselves (Way too common) it has opened a way for players to kill other teammates either by accident or intentional. This is especially considering barrels almost seem to have a randomized degree of knockback, ranging from a slight push to players apparently joining the Imperium’s new shipless space program.


They’re also placed in spots where hitting them is sometimes unavoidable, and not being able to mark them often results in melees charging into a mob, the teammates trying to fire around them, as there is no FF, and then blowing the charging guy up.

Make “explosives transport” a new modifier with the current amount of barrels, and reduce it by a lot in other games, particularly high intensity.

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oh i dunno ive had some good comic deaths from them and its not exactly a common thing is it?


Doesn’t seem to common, I just yeeted a Zealot off the map with one who wasn’t paying attention though lol I think the worst of it is sometimes the server messes up your position in relation to the barrels when they explode and they may launch you over and past them rather than directly away from the point of detonation, which has gotten me hurled into the void before.

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The exploding barrels are pure entertainment, I’m having an absolute blast with them.
Accidents happen, you learn from your mistakes and adapt your fighting style and move on.

For the majority of the time, those barrels and their intense blasting power work for you, just be sure to exploit the moment, when it is presented.


I don’t see a problem with how the barrels are ingame right now.
Sure, maybe the knockback can be a little too much but that’s it.
I still think the knockback should remain even if it’s tweaked a little.
Exploding barrels should be dangerous so even if the damage is small the knockback and all the possible ways to fall over a railing sure is.

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I just deleted 2 of my teammates using flamer and accidentally hit the barrel. Sry guys, cant see sh*t using it. xD


No, please remove barrels all together.


We can’t see sh*t either when you use it, it’s fine.


Honestly those rare moments are holding this shell of a game together.

Remove stairs

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I like environmental hazards. I don’t want to see them removed.

But a 20% reduction or so in the distance a barrel flings you is in order.

And more importantly, removing whatever jank-ass code there is that seems to deliberately aim you toward ledges despite it flying in the face of basic physics. When I’m standing in front of a barrel and it explodes, it should not pull me toward the barrel, then throw me behind it and, oh so coincidentally, in the direction that is the shortest distance between my character and a ledge. Really sussy behavior that. Haven’t truly seen it since Beta 3 but I’m not discounting its existence yet.

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I dunno I think its pretty funny, I got shot off an edge and stuck to something above a void to certain death today.

Game kicked me with an error code after a few mins tho.



They’re really funny and incredibly satisfying to yeet enemies off ledges with. Actually being aware of them in combat is part of the skill curve and is fun. Shoot them before your team reaches them if they concern you that much.


This is big. We really need to be able to ping barrels. Relying on the automated callouts that sometimes only get the message across as the barrel explodes isn’t good enough.

I actually like the huge knockback. I sometimes use them to launch myself at enemies, since the damage from them is so slight.

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Shoot the barrels and move on.

They are bright red/yellow, and have a light that can be seen from far away on it.

If you’re smart about it you can even use them to your benefit by shooting them, and killing enemies standing nearby before you rush in.

Personally I use them a lot, but I’ve seen a lot of players using the barrels for cover, which says a lot about players.

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Changes I wanna see to barrels:

Shooting them with a high power weapon should just make it explode. A 200 damage point thershold for ranged only. Kinda lame to hit a barrel with the rumpler, and have the enemies start scattering before the grenade even goes off.

Then I want to pick them up as ogryn, honestly it would be a way better blitz action than grenade box, without costing your teammates a valuable resource for your memes.


Uhuh, also give immortality and infinite ammo.
Barrels are a part of the gameplay, death from them is a consequence of your mistakes and is a part of the game as well.
P.S. Had some epic and funny deaths from em.

Everything is part of the game, by your logic there’s no point giving any feedback.

Only Ogryns should have their huge mass reduce the flinging. Everyone else is fun.