Please make barrels make damage and not push so hard

Barrels like are now in maps with such verticality lead to some frustrating deaths, mainly being thrown to my death, either by height, or a new one, being thrown straight into a demonhost, even without ramdom people, it happens in the middle of the shooting or in wide swings, you hit a barrel by mistake and get pushed into frustration.


I’d just drastically reduce the amount of barrels.

Feels like there are several per room, every room.

Being able to carry them and throw them into hordes could be nice too, like in VT.

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I like the knockback on them. Funny moments have been had, though I agree with above that we should be able to move some of them at least.

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The Ogryn should be able to pick up the barrels andthrow them or stuff them in Beast of Nurgles mouth.

Barrel knockback is fine, it give an other difficulty dimention, take care about envyronment cause you can throw a mate to death fighting like a braindead ogrym.

what if you could shoot barrels at range, but in melee, you need to click “E” on them to arm them after 2 seconds?

Yeah totally agree why we can’t!! & damn There was always something that disturbed me about them but now you just said it… why we can’t take those & use them as we want if we want :slight_smile: