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I’ve been discussing this with a number of folks who love this game as much as me. To start, credit where it’s due: You’ve fixed a ton of the crashing issues (for most people). The story is neat, music is amazing, love the graphics, etc.

With that said, you’re losing players fast because people tend to focus on the negative. Below are some ideas on how to keep this game going and get your player base up. Some of these will seem painfully obvious or at a “40,000 foot level” but that’s where you guys come in to hash out the details.

  1. Prioritize game optimization. Again, y’all have done well here, but there are still folks who have problems with lag stutter or crashing. Perhaps this means getting more hosting servers? I’m assuming you’re using a service like AWS or Azure for this?

  2. Add new maps. Particularly repair or investigation since there’s only 1 of each right now. This would be a HUGE benefit as the current maps have been played out.

  3. Ease off on the cosmetics until you do 1 and 2. Seriously. I know this is an “easy” source of revenue, but you’re making the majority of players upset. To me this is like selling shiny new rims for your Tesla, but the motor stalls and sometimes the windows won’t go down or the turn signals stop working.

EDIT: The reason I said ease off (not stop) on cosmetics is your latest “release” of a reskinned beta helmet in exchange for data mining has angered a lot of people in the community. If you want to make quality items for revenue, that’s fine. I’m sure you can do this in conjunction with the other ideas listed here.

  1. Introduce Red Weapons. Currently all weapons have a cap of 380 points for the modifiers, with each modifier being capped at 80%. Reds should have a cap of 500 (so all can go up to 100% if possible), and should have level 5 tier blessings (yes this would be new). Perhaps a new type of blessing altogether that’s exclusive to red weapons? Also (and I know other players will “boo” me but I don’t care), Reds SHOULD NOT BE GOD ROLLED ON ACQUIRING THEM. I know y’all want us to grind, so just make it where a red’s minimum is 400 modifier points and the max could be 500.

  2. Allow players to level past 30. This would not affect weapons or abilities in any way, but would be a “bragging right” and each time one levels they could get some reward like a haul of plasteel/diamantine or a guaranteed gold weapon with a rating of 480 or higher. This would discern between the players who are truly skilled vs the scrubs. This level would go across all characters. When someone starts a new character, it would show the char level, then the account level. If we see a player with a level 9 char in a Heresy game, but their account level is 200, we know they’re not brand new to the game. You could even make it where this would not unlock until ALL available character types are maxed at 30.

  3. Bring back features that you removed which were in Vermintide 2. A real simple example here would be allowing bots to pick up books, med kits, etc. Also, make the bots diverse. Why always a sharpshooter bot who’s so stupid he/she was huffing paint fumes prior to the mission?

I welcome others on the board to add their ideas. I love this game and I want it to succeed.

  1. Already on their list, happens every other patch in the form of Backend work. But yes, the game could use more fluidity.

  2. Already happening as we speak. Get excited for the end of May patch.

  3. They already aren’t releasing cosmetics and there is some people who already want the new ones available. Disagreed.

  4. Probably on their list, but agreed.

  5. I also agree with this, but considering the Scoreboard was cut for toxicity reasons, I don’t see this or a prestige system being a thing anytime soon.

  6. Dunno. I’d rather they focus more on the game itself right now than the bots.




At this point I wouldn’t mind them starting to produce cosmetic again, it has been several months and most dramatic point (beside locks) are now corrected or acceptable. If it can help produce more contents I wouldn’t be upset by them making those again.

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  1. Yes agreed optimization is a must.

  2. New maps, yes but if they are actually NEW and not Frankensteined or backwards already existing maps a third of which are.

  3. What they need to do is reduce the damn prices. A set of cosmetics shouldn’t cost a third of the actual game.

  4. Yes, a thousand times yes.

  5. Don’t care about prestige tbh

  6. I’m surprised you don’t bring up the best bot feature of all - that your bots were your other characters. That would be especially amazing in darktide. If I want to play a Vet I can configure my Ogryn with a a Ripper and a Shield and have him as one of my bots. It’s was an amazing feature in Vermintide that Fatshark apparently forgot.

I also want more new weapons (not reskins and MKs actually new weapons) and the subclasses they promised every quarter. The 4 we have have gotten stale.


Wait, what story? I must’ve completely missed that part…

  1. Some of the harder QoL things would also be appreciated. Stuff like hotkeys for mission selection…
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Yeah that had crossed my mind (about 6, bots being your other chars in Verm 2). The reason I didn’t is it kinda made sense in Verm 2 because it was peer-to-peer. So the game knew to pick the “host’s” characters. In theory you could do it here too, based on whoever starts the mission, but I figure if they just made the characters diverse that’d be a start.

If they try to make this solo play (and you know they won’t), then I’d agree they should make your own chars (with their weapon loadouts) be the bots.

I agree what we have is kinda basic: "Reject. Prove yourself. “Reject, there’s a traitor among us, and it might be you. Reject, you’ve “graduated” and we found the real traitor so keep fighting the good fight.”

But I feel like the story has a lot of potential. It’s like they were getting started on it then gave up. Remember the character selection? There’s this whole backstory you pick. I feel like they could’ve done better there.

  1. Add offline play
  2. Remove locks
  3. Deliver the game we were promised to have on launch

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