Please Make The "Benchmark" Option More Accurate to How the Game Plays


I’ve used the game benchmark option in the game launcher a couple of times to “benchmark” a couple PCs in terms of performance in this game and…unfortunately it’s not accurate to the in-game experience at all.

For example, I can get a completely stable 144 (or 120, or 90, or 60, whatever I decide in benchmark), but once in-game can’t remain stable (or in acceptable range drops) at all. I’ve noticed spectating/third person tends to get more stable frames than first person. Further, there aren’t quite enough spawns in the benchmark to adequately reflect benchmarking in upper difficulties, like legend and cata. Large clumps of Beastmen are also notorious for framedrops and it might be worthwhile adding more of them in too.

As the benchmarking tool stands, it’s not quite accurate to how this game performs past, say, Champion, which can be heartbreaking for those who are starting to get into Legend and above and learn, “oh…wow, this game has quite the high performance demands beyond what minimum specs recommend.”


Excellent suggestion. I would like to add a request for either a framerate graph or information about “lowest” and “lowest 1%” FPS information. Average FPS doesn’t say much if one scene plays out at 200fps and another at 22…

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