Please impliment this stop-gap measure for green dust

Just give everyone as much additional green dust as they have blue dust while you work on whatever your solution to the problem is. It’s really frustrating to play for days and not be able to upgrade a piece of gear. So if someone had 100 green and 800 blue you would add 800 green for a total of 900 green.


If you have 100 green dust, it doesn’t matter that you have so much more blue, unless you are going to reroll 101 times (which I don’t recommend).

It can require many more rerolls than 100 to gear a piece of gear to near perfect, let alone perfect. Those were arbitrary numbers though, obviously. Currently I’d need to play for several thousand hours in order to spec out my gear the way I want. Everyone knows it’s broken. This is just an easy way to temporarily patch it up. The underlying problem will still be there and come up again before long.

If you don’t want to reroll your gear much that is fine. Most of us DO want to have good stats though.

Yes, and you really shouldn’t be doing that.
The time investment spent rerolling oranges can be better spent playing the game.
Especially b/c the reroll time for reds is >100x less.

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