Please for the love of the Emperor: make dodges a limited push so I can move when I fight

I would like to preface this with that I know Git Gud applies, I’m well aware that I can push my way free, that I can create room to move in.

Preface over.

The asymmetry of how this game rules how entities move around in this game is maddening.

A horde can slide past my slab-shield, blocking a doorway, like water around a peg, but a single walking corpse can stop me dead in my track when I dodge.

We are heroes of the empire, tackling a corpse is nothing to us.

Have it be a stamina cost, just a simple if/then.

0 stamina means stop while 1 stamina means one corpse on its ass.

Rant over, thank you for your time.

For the Emperor.

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This would make the already limited stamina economy even more limited due to randomly bumping into enemies and having your stamina drained. I understand the sentiment, but this would just make the melee combat feel even worse. Try not to get surrounded, get used to dragging your attacks in wide sweeps to keep yourself clear and react quickly to kill something behind you.

I feel like losing a stamina or two is preferable to suddenly stopping and getting hit by several corpses.

And you can control when you lose the stamina too.

It’s not preferable if you’re relying on those pushes to stay alive, or if losing that stamina ends with you getting guard broken.

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