Please fix the ps4 version

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The last 4 times I’ve played vermintide 2 on ps4 something awful happens. I’ve had 2 crashes, played through a level to make it to the end only for the portal to glitch and not takes us back to taals keep. The 4th time got halfway through a level only to fall through the floor of the map. I’m a lvl29 dwarf and should of been 30 by now but these problems keep coming up. I love the game dearly and have recommended to friends but now I wish I didn’t. Please give us a patch.

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I been having the same problems, I mainly duo with my brother and he have not gotten any rewards for the past 3 games, because he kept crashing and ofc portal bug (not finishing mission)

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Same stuff here. Last game even got trophy for completing act 3 and heard sound of rewards screen, but then got disconnected from server and therefore got no rewards .


Sadly, I created an account just to agree. I have been having a blast with this game, but almost every other match crashes or loses connection to host (for quickplay, if I host then I can see party member get kicked out as well). For the past two days, it has been more-so than usual which has made it practically unplayable. I keep trying to play but these issues have really impacted the experience for me. Has there been any word on an upcoming patch or fix anytime soon?

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