Constant crashing, unable to play ever since last 2 updates

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Crash - During Play

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The game keeps crashing constantly after the 2 last updates, out of 10 matches I’ve been able to complete 1. It just freezes completely then crashes.

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No, I don’t use mods

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Constant (100%)

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Hi @abaddon130,

I’ve raised crashes associated with your PS account with our console developers for investigation.

Though, I suspect that your save data may have become corrupted.

I recommend to try deleting your console save data. Please note that any Offline mode progress will be lost. However, Online mode progress is safe and stored on our servers.

Please let me know how you get on.

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Will I be able to use the “Update the Offline Progress” tool later if I do this? To regain my Offline Progress, as the Online Progress is saved on servers.

@abaddon130, yep! You’ll be able to transfer your Online progress back to Offline :slight_smile: we just make sure to mention that Offline progress is lost as this is particularly bad for anyone that solely plays in Offline mode, or for anyone that has progressed further in Offline - as that progress would then be lost entirely.

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“(CE-38700-8)” is the error code everytime I play, I took a picture of it.

@abaddon130 hm okay, can you please try reinstalling Vermintide 2?

Failing this, if you haven’t already done so, then try deleting your save data.

Please let me know how you get on.

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Already deleted my save data, it keeps crashing, in fact it crashed on the Skittergate mission right after it starts. I won’t delete 100gb of game, it will take days or weeks for me to redownload it, I’ve seen people do that and nothing changed for them. Either a hotfix is on the plans or I’m dropping completely the game, I can’t believe a 6 year old game is unplayable for some people right now, and that’s a real shame because I love the game. Thanks for any help, I’m really really sad all of this is happening.

Hi @abaddon130,

Unfortunately, as you’re running into a specific PS error code I suspect it could be an unlucky issue with your installation which reinstalling may help with.

Support is far more limited for console than PC sadly, as we can’t dig deep into specific files and logs.

Sorry that I can’t be of more help :frowning:

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It solved absolutely NOTHING, 2 days worth of downloading 100 GBs of NOTHING, guess it was good while it lasted.

My partner on PS4 is having the exact same issue. Weave 79 disconnected everyone except host, then everytime trying to play it after it just crashes the game. She deleted the save and it did nothing, currently redownloading the game to see if that fixes it. Latest hotfix has made the game less stable :confused: (more crashes, more dc’s etc)

EDIT - and now it is constant ‘lost connection to host’ errors during the game. (and that’s after redownloading the game)

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@abaddon130, sorry to hear this. We’ll need to investigate the crashes and remedy these in a future update.

@Dark_Overlord, sounds like network connectivity issues are at play. Possible solutions here may help:

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