Please dont turn this game into V3!

I see some requests here and there form people wich obviously try to turn this game into Vermintide3. They make requests like removing the ranged enemys or want to be able to roll god weapons, like the reds in V2. There are other requests like that from time to time. I really hope you dont fall for that Fatshark, because you made a great game here. You have evolved, you always did since i know you. Your games have always been improved and this time you did it aswell.

The gameplay is so much better then it was in V2, the loot is so much better then it was in V2. The gameplay now is so addictive, thats how a game should be. The combat and combat feedback is really 10 times better then in V2. But now you also have this kinda Diablo like loot, wich makes gear hunt far more enjoyable. Because you wont get your perfect rolled item in the first week and stick to it for the next 3k hours.

Please dont let yourselfs be distracted by Vermintide2 players, wich simply cant let go and dont want to evolve, that would be a very big mistake. Darktide is an improvement in every single aspect, compared to V2. It is just not finished yet, i have understood that long time ago, others will undersand it at some point hopefully. You made the right decisions when it comes to core gameplay, dont make 2 steps backwards now please.

Keep up the good work and stay human :wink:


What gear hunt? Hunting is a bad word to use when you have absolutely no control over what gear you want. Even in Diablo-like games there were ways to mitigate the RNG of item drops by going for certain enemies, certain locations or even crafting. There is none of that in Darktide, it’s a pure RNG shitfest with no mitigation, overt or back-end, that the devs have admitted that the odds getting what you want is worse than participating in a lottery.

Getting a good item is not the end all, be all for tide games. Once you get to the post-loot stage, you can be sure that it’s not your equipment holding you back due to breakpoints or other small variances so you can work on improving your skills to run harder difficulties. In fact, loot is the most vexing part of the process because of how random it is…


Yeah,literally everything you say is looter shooter enthusiast nonsense, apart from the ranged enemies. Those need to stay, but need some tweaking for sure.
This is a Tide game, and it should play like one. The gameplay, while unpolished and missing a bag of screws on quite a few places, is fine and fun, but the surrounding mechanics, the shop, the bank and the direction crafting seemingly moves are not evolutionary in any way, unless you mean it in the very scientific way, aka they just changed, with no statement about those changes being positive or negative.

If we go for the common use of the term, where it means “progressing forward, getting better” to most people,then simply no, it did not get better.
Adding RNG, removing player agency, adding time gating and siloing are horrendously bad, borderline unethical changes preying on possible gambling addicts to keep them in the loop to maximize in-game time and sell cosmetics, despite that not even working for Tide games, because players who play and actually like Tide games are playing larger chunks of their overall playtime after acquiring their desired gear. The gameplay keeps us coming back, not some mentally poisoned asia grinder loot mechanic.

There is no gear hunt, there is no farming, ther us no player agency, there is only gambling. This is not an opinion,this is a brutal but simple fact, as sad as it is.


That’s quite a contradiction… How can this game that’s unfinished, be an improvement over a VT2 which is finished and has the benefit of years of patches? It is not an improvement, it’s the shell of a good game which I am enjoying, but seems to me it needs some of the features from its older brother.


also, in Diablo and such games, you get far more drops. In this game, you get a drop once in a blue moon and otherwise have to buy the equipment… which you have to hope is gear you want!

Vermintide 2 is superior to this game in every quantifiable way ( even at launch), anything else is just your opinion and therefore irrelevant.
This game feels like it came out 2 years before vermintide 1.


To such a degree that you’d have to look to D3 1.0 when the RMAH was still in the game to find a loot system on par with how bad DT’s loot is.

Putting it mildly, I would vastly prefer the entire itemization system was ripped out than deal with the nonsense that Fatshark cocked up for Darktide. It is so bad that not even having it would be a massive improvement to the gameplay loop, since I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to find better gear or lamenting about how, for the 50th damned time, Deflector didn’t show up on a Force Sword.

If I wanted to play a looter shooter, I’d play Borderlands. Oh right, looter shooters aren’t fun gameplay for me, so I don’t play Borderlands.


At this point i am really starting to think posts like these are just a coping mechanism. You feel the game isnt ok, just like the rest of us, but your brain wouldnt let you realize that because of all the emotional damage it may cause realizing you bought into false promises and some carefully crafted PR sentences.


The loot cycle is a hot mess. I hate that people use the term “god rolls” now in darktide, in VT2 either they were min/maxed or they weren’t. Min/maxing shouldn’t be such a marathon or milestone, it’s typically what people aim for so that they can then proceed to play the game as they’d like, setting it as the goal posts feels completely unrewarding versus the previous games.


As i expected, all the V2 hardcore knights have arrived. I tell you something, i think V1/2 are masterpieces, i really do. They are the reason im here, playing and talking about Darktide today.

But i also tell you something else, since Darktide was announced, people like you, the hardcore fans of V2, hated on Darktide on every fu…ing possible occation and you hated on Fatshark. Some of you were even going so far to say things like “Fatshark is abandoning V2 for Darktide”. Its on steam, go and see for your self.

Back then i told you that this will be a great game, i told you that Fatshark will improve as always and they did. I also told you all, you will play it. Now the time has come and you are here, not in the V2 forum, you are here in the Darktide forum and in the actual game.

The core gameplay is 10 times better then in V2, the combat and combat feedback is out fu…ing standing. I have never seen such good meele and ranged combat with its belonging feedback, in another game.

You maybe dont want to admit it, but there is a reason why you are here and thats not because the game is bad. No its because the game is good, if it was diffrent you would not care about it a second.

But after all your whining in the steam forums of how bad of an idea it is to not make a V3, you are here now and since first day you try to sabotage this project with hate when ever you can. Because its not your expected V3, yeah it isnt and it never will be hopefully.

It is an evloved game with evolved gameplay from developers wich have evolved ever since their first game and keep doing so. Its a game for people wich are not afraid of new things, wich are willing to expierence new things. Its not for people who cant let go the past of old mechnics wich simply dont fit anymore in 2022.

I really hope that Fatshark go their way and not leting themselfs be distracted by people like you. If they do so, they will have an absolute masterpiece of a coop horde/loot shooter hack and slash or how ever you wanna call it. I simply call it a perfect game. You can decide for yourselfs, if you appreciate that or if you want to keep hate on it on.

I just like to ask you to not try to sabotage it, thats all :wink:

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Players do not need to sabotage DT, Fatshark are smashing it up all on their own.


We will see :wink:

Oh no, people who enjoyed a good game want Darktide to actually be a good game. What a shock!

I’m glad you enjoy terrible systems. I don’t.


Dont know about this mate, I have never visited God of War forums, loved that game, never posted on any souls games, loved those, never visited VT2 forums, had no reason, gameplay loop is perfect, i got what i wanted from those games, but you, you are here, on the forums, instead of playing the game you claim to be a giant step up in the genre. What kind of mental gymnastics do you have to jump through to come to the conclusion that people who say they are not OK with certain game mechanics are secret fanboys and just hate to be happy in their life ? We love the world, we want this game to be great, thats why posts pointing out the games failures and blunders exist.

You ask people to admit something to themselves yet you cant be even intelectually honest to state facts and jump to exagerations. I have played VT for around 100 hours, got 6 what i can call geared toons, cleared few legendary maps…in that time i got 3 reds, one usefull, two worthless, but they are still contributing to something in the future, i can increase the chance of getting better loot by doing harder content or doing extra stuff inside the actual mission. Same with diablo, played for ages, never got a perfect build, there are communities dedicated to grinding reroll materials, it takes tons of time, but you do something that ll eventually make you get the items you want, slowly, but surely. Darktide has none of that, there is no icentive to play the game, and the numbers show it, there is no reason for you to be doing harder content, killing demonhosts, play games with modifiers. I wanted to get a force sword on my psyker, not a perfect sword, any would do, but yeah i would prefer a decent one, let me enfasize again, decent, not perfect. I had to wait 10 days, 10 days of logging in and scrolling through shop, then logging out again, nothing i could have done to influence the odds or get the item other way, just pure RNG, how is this a step up in your opinion ?

Can you try being unbiased for a moment here and agree that it is better for people if they feel they did something in the game that made them feel they deserve the items they got ? That they can work for something and eventually get it ? Or do you hoonestly think scrolling through the shop for days on end will keep the community engaged and ensure the longevity of the game ?


Of course the hardcore “V2 knights” have arrived, they make up a huge chunk of the playerbase. Of course they are here and not on the V2 forums ( this might change ) they paid for this broken half-made mess of a game.
And you can tell it is a great game doesn’t make it true, you can tell it is improved it still isn’t true.
And the gameplay being 10 times better is still just your opinion, the opinion of 1 person which is statistically irrelevant, and for every 1 of you there is a 100 that says and feels otherwise.
Oh and by the way don’t you dare say players are sabotaging this game, Fatshark does that on their own.


Wich game do you play right now these days hmm? Is it Vermintide2 or Darktide. Dont tell me, tell it to yourself, im pretty sure wich one it is :wink:

Is that your Pery Mason moment ?

I play darktide, yes. But not for the reasons you think. I play it because i am part of great community and i have fun running with them through buggy maps, not getting rewarded and just memeing on the state of the game. We dont play it because it is a masterpiece, because it is generation defining piece of art. Everything is fun with friends, even bad games. That doesnt change the fact the game is a buggy mess with focus on getting more and more money out of you.


Ha ha ha, yeah keep believing bro. You guys play it becasue its a lot of fun. I play it becasue its a lot of fun. Befor Darktide came out, i was jumping between all my classic game forth and back left and right. SInce Darktide was released, i have bearly touched another game, maybe only 2 hours in total. I play Darktide now since around 330 hours (1/2 beta). Do you think i do this because im maso, no i do it becasue its a lot of fun :wink:

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Really? This is your argument? That if you play it it must be good? Of course people play the game they just bought, that is how they know it is a hot mess.
Or what, we should just have an opinion about it without playing it.?


Ha ha ha, its funny when people write negative reviews on steam while also having a high play time in the game, people say, it cant be that bad. I guess that does not count here right? Ha ha ha xD

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