Please delay game joining when a new game hasn't started

I find it odd that when I quickplay as a host I often do not make it through the 3 second countdown before a person joins. Their joining then delays me loading into the game, and if they stay I have to wait for them to wander over.

If the game was not available to join until after the countdown expired I could load into the level and so could they, reducing the time spent not actually playing.

Additionally I would be in favor of an auto-leave option within settings to auto drop the group after the scoreboard. That would prevent loading into their keep, leaving, and then loading into my own keep.


We need the option to Pick your next map at the end of the current map, loading directly into the new map rather than going back to the keep. Almost exactly like the system that worked so successfully in VT1 in fact.


Having people join during the loading screen is just as bad. It causes really long delays, especially if 2-3 people all start loading at the same time.

Yes please.

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Yeah i’ve had people joining effect the loading times I’m very different ways. Sometimes, perhaps when it’s early there is no noticeable difference compared to if no one joined. Other times you get a nice black screen and have to wait for them to load everything while staring at nothing.

The ability to go straight into another mission would be a great step forward. Maybe give an opt out popup for those who wish to stop.

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Please devs, make this happen!
While the walk to the portal in the keep is not that bothersome, I never know whether a group of randoms will actually start the next map - too often there is someone stating “just a sec” and then being afk/crafting/whatever for 5+ Minutes. The current system is annoying for those that want to jump right into the next game.

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I suppose it’s just a bit more padding.

I actually wonder how much of my 1000 hours is really spent watching chests open and loading in and out of the keep? You know… completely time-wasting events.

Don’t forget rerolling items XD

Would be really nice to have the vote for QP at the end of the game during the chest and stats screen.

Would also be really nice to have a open all chests button, or open them in groups of 5 at least…

And ofc, a reroll rework. The current system is pretty tedious and dämn right boring. Sit there and just keep hitting reroll until you get what you want.

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Crafting should not be possible while the portal is open. Item changing is all good but someone wasting time crafting while 3 people are waiting in the portal isn’t acceptable. Portal open = get your shlt together and go.

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Good Idea. A middle ground between the current state and disabling crafting would be to make it visible to others - if I see someone is entering the crafting window I can better decide how I want to proceed.

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