Please Clean the Forums

Fatshark, please add a new section to the forums for complaints and criticisms and only allow those types of posts to be placed there.

It is quite obvious at this point that there is a large contingent of people here and elsewhere on other platforms who have zero constructive criticism to give and are simply rooting for the game to fail. These people jump into every thread and trash the game and anyone who shows even the slightest support for it. If you dare to say you like Darktide in the main Darktide subreddit you get dozens of downvotes.

Here like the subreddit and Discord server you find a constant chorus of vitriol, hate and discontent. It has long since moved past anything even remotely resembling constructive discourse or feedback. Please move these trolls into their own little corner and let the rest of this forum be a place where the actual fans of your game can talk about it without the constant low quality negative posting. We should have at least one place where we can talk about a game we like without the constant trolling.


You can hide posts from those people by adding them to your ignore list. It’s under Account/Preferences/Users.

I highly recommend it.


I would rather they updated their posting policies and guidelines and just locked toxic threads altogether for people who lack basic human decency.


Personnal ignored list is great, subjective public listed censoring is probably not.


Doesn´t prevent from normal posts or having some good words left for the game getting flagged by some frustrated “children”. There is also no chance to prevent all the threads going nuts by forced toxicity unless there is a mod active 24/7 so…


It’s not supposed to solve those problems.

All it does it let a person ignore posts from people they find objectionable, for whatever reason.

There’s really no downsides to it. Many threads go to crap because of the things you describe, so why not just hide the people who are usually involved in it? Hell, if they hid eachother it’d be a win for everyone. Something tells me they won’t do that, though…


Yeah, isolate yourself from criticism, pretending like everything is fine.


There is a huge gap between valid criticism or feedback on the topic or the game itself, maybe even just an exchange of views, and those trashcomments trying nothing else but baiting or ranting.
Or yes, stuff like “Look i´ve posted a sentence and a troll-pic / gif.” like you did there so…


Why not? It’s not like anything of value comes out of the sorts of discussions held between people you’d add to the list. If it did you wouldn’t be adding them to the list.


2 things here :

  • there are indeed people who are not bringing much to the table, both within the group of players who enjoy the game and within the group of those who don’t.
  • I love the game and I hate its state. When I read “actual fans” in your post, I read “bootlickers who consume mediocre quality media all the time, have no sense of quality and enable bad writers/scenarists/designers to thrive”. I will not stand for this game to be less than what it could be, which it currently is.
    My take is that I’m being a better fan by being honest, even if my honesty is harsh on the studio.

Also, although again some (if not ‘many’) are not, there also is a plethora of intelligent and constructive posts - both on DT’s forum and on VT2’s forum, which they should’ve built upon,- which the designers have continuously ignored since early november. Ignored in two senses : first they have not acted upon the feedback, and second, they have not communicated on the feedback. I understand they cannot change their heading and rewrite a bunch of the game in a week or even two months, but they could have told us “yeah, we hear you, we get it, we’re going to fix it.”
The fact they didn’t even do that is doubly infuriating as it adds disdain to the injury of publishing that game in the state it is in.


-Cyber mustache man 2022


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Seems this is your first failed game.

You are learning how a failed product dies, consider it a life lesson.

And I mean this, I’ve seen this on several different games:

Spike of players on release > Fast decline of in game users > Fast rise of forum usage (mostly to complain about the state of the game) > steady decline of forum usage > Death of the game.

We are on the 4th stage, and absolutely nothing is being done about it, we’ve had a couple of patches that have fixed virtually nothing and worsened server performance since launch.

This game is going to die inevitably, and I hate that as a tide fan, but it’s deserved, I had a smidge of hope, a tiny bit of it… until that last Swedish interview, the amount of delusion on that interview is the last nail in the coffin, it’s Anthem levels of delusion.


Don’t you think that it would be more practical to create a section for the vast minority of “appreciation” threads such as this one: I'm Having So Much Fun ?

You have to realize that nonconstructive posts like: “I love the game” are just as useless as the posts you are describing such as “The game is trash”.
We are getting absolutely zero value from reading your subjective, unsubstantiated and nonconstructive praises just like we do with useless doom and gloom posts.

Why do you think that is? Whose fault is it?
Doesn’t it make sense that most of these people really care about the game? Why would they continue to engage with the community for a game they don’t care about?

Don’t you think that a lot of this bad attitude could be avoided if FS posted something, ANYTHING, to comment on some of the most common criticism?

For example, they could say:

  • “We are looking into partially reworking Psyker to make BB synergies in his kit more impactful”
  • “We made internal tests on the amount of plasteel players get and concluded that with the upcoming changes to crafting, we don’t see the need to change that right now, but we are monitoring and will adjust if needed.”
  • “We understand the frustration with the randomness in acquiring new gear, and are working on a RNG mitigation system that will give players more agency when going after particular perks and blessings”
  • “We looked into issues with pox-hound’s movement, and, while we realize it is frustrating for some players, the erratic movement is there by design to add to the chaos of the 40K battle”

I’m just making this stuff up to show examples - don’t comment on these, pls.

This game got more constructive feedback from the community then any other game I’ve seen. We had game designers, product managers and just, in general, a lot of long threads with so many well though-out suggestions.
What is the response? Silence.
This is why the community is leaning towards negativity.


You seem very fluent in corporate bullshite :laughing:

I prefer corporate bullshite to silence.

Besides, no company is going to put out a statement like:
“Bro, the guy who worked on that poxhound pathing is no longer in the company, and the guy who we though would replace him is asking for a 12% raise. Our CTO wants to take her husband to Bahamas this year, so we can’t afford it. You just have to deal with the situations as it is, fam. Don’t hate the playa!”


I’ll hire you as CM when I start my company!


It would be nice to have a mostly positive forum full of happy people making jokes and talking about strats and lore sharing ideas for the future of the game and all that.

But they have kind of buggerd up the launch of the game lol after being way late on the release too. People have a right to be angry about a lot of things and that’s going to show on the forum and reddit etc. You cant bury their opinions just because you don’t agree with them.

Trust the forum mods they are here keeping an eye on things trying to make sure it dosnt get too out of hand :smiley:

kind of like this

Demolition Man(1993) - You Can’t Take Away Peoples Rights To Be Assholes - YouTube

uh oh i see one comming now


We have no plans to create either a dedicated space for positivity, or for negativity. All feedback, either positive or negative is more than welcome in the forums. All we do ask is that people don’t bully each other in to feeling like their feedback is “wrong”. There’s no such thing as “wrong” feedback, even if it’s contrary to ones own beliefs or feedback. It’s fine to disagree with other people’s thoughts on the game, it’s normal in fact. But the way in which those disagreements take place leaves a lot to be desired and no one wins there, posters or studio alike.


Yeah I haven’t played since Christmas. There hasn’t been any change and I get kicked every other game so why waste time on a product Fatshark doesn’t even give a sh*t about lol?