Player with 1,000,000(?) Kills Penance?

Couldn’t get it out of my head when I saw it, but there was a zealot a few weeks ago that had the threshold 5 portrait frame for the kill penance.

No one actually knows how many kills are required for threshold 5, I believe, but most speculate it’s 1,000,000 kills. This might be wrong, but it makes sense that it doubles off of the 500,000 requirement for threshold 4.

I’m currently at threshold 3 which requires those 500,000 kills and only gotten about 400,000 of those kills. I have 564 hours in Darktide as of today.

I’d say at least 9 out of the 10 missions I play these days are T5 only with the occasional T4. Almost all of them are usually hi-intensity or one of the new conditions.

I guess I need a frame of reference to figure out if they “cheated” for a cosmetic trophy or not and if anyone else is willing to share their head count for killing heretics.

I know one guy on my friendslist who has it as well, and he had not cheated it, but he is alsmost playing darktide the whole day

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somethings can get it quicklyy like during endless hordes, that one way to gain it or running throneside strike. i got 2 friends who got it during the beta period. about 150 hours into the game then, using zealot and Psyker for their anti horde capabilities.

It’s 1 million. And it’s doable if you play since the beginning and have been doing nothing but hard Endless Horde / Hi-Intensity runs.

Yeah I did some numbers last night out of curiosity, based on the average amount of kills I get per mission, and if I was playing twice as much as I am now I’d already have it, too.

I guess at the time that I saw that person I was flabbergasted because I thought I was already playing the game way too much, and I started playing in November during pre-order beta.

Don’t forget, though: The old “Endless Hordes” modifier before it became Hi-Intensity used to be way more aggressive. It would spawn enemies non-stop, especially on Heresy and Damnation.
So if the guy you saw played before release in Open Beta, chances are he already scored 1/10th of the necessary goal then.

well im at 600k+ right now

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