Player kick. Full screen offer

In general, I am against kicking a player, even if he plays badly, or uses useless weapons. (This is not about the intentional ruin of the game)
The point is. Some players spam another player’s kick offer. And the problem is that this sentence pops up on the FULL SCREEN. Which in the heat of battle is simply unacceptable.
For example, I already raised the player they wanted to kick, he had literally 2% hp left. And then this kick proposal comes out and boom, the action is canceled and he just dies.
Why not put the “kick” sentence on separate keys, for example, F5-accept, F6-cancel. And in a small window on the top right / left with a timer.


P.S. As one of the users on steam pointed out, I really did not take into account one thing. Gamepad.
To be honest, I have never played shooters on a gamepad. But I know that such people exist. And how to solve this problem with them, I don’t quite understand if there are enough buttons, etc.
Does anyone have any suggestions?