Add a kick reason

I read a lot about kicking. I think it is a usefull and needed feature. Sadly it gets abused by idi… some indiuals.

Example what I think kick is good for:

  • Player joins lobby, goes afk (maybe for good reason) and never enters the bridge
  • Just destroys your experience (e.g. teamkills on purpose)
  • You know him and his style (e.g. join, rush, die, leave)
  • etc.

Example what I think kick should never be used for:

  • Player level “not high enough”
  • I hate that class
  • Trolling
  • etc.

So what could help: Add an input box where the vote initiator has to enter a reason. Sure people can lie and kick a level 3 player saying he teamkilled everybody last match but then they are no better at all. But joining a game, seeing a random vote kick, asked why and was answered “he is just level3” - I immediatly left the game.

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