Player and Enemy Textures become engulfed in low-poly black sheen


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Enemy and Player character models possess a black film that becomes noticeable on highlight of limbs and increases in intensity with distance to the model.

This graphical error is setting agnostic and will persist throughout all zones, in all lighting conditions, and maps.
Whilst it’s most noticeable on mob enemies there are areas of specials such as the Mauler’s lower legs that also have the same issue

With no way to really influence the effect it has, I’m chocking this one up to an estranged hardware discrepancy with the GPU, so just in case i’ll mention this is one the most recent stable driver for AMD GPUs (it was also present on the last stable build too) - This is with an AMD Radeon RX6700XT


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[(Steam Community :: The Incredible Pebble)]

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  • Constant (100%)

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Might be the Mesh Quality option? I don’t remember it being there before today. Mine was set to 1 after that patch, and I noticed the lighting was all messed up when heading to the Meat Grinder. Setting it to 5 fixed it.

I’m afraid this has been an issue on any permutation of settings. I’ve had this issue since the launch build, however I don’t believe it was present during the preorder beta.