Playable Character (On Crack)

What Career/Character do you want to see, but this time we abandon reason, you can propose a CSM and even the emperor if you want.

So let’s get to be strange

Xenarite Techadept/Techpriest:
A Techpriest who use Necron/Xenos weaponry/tech and is a borderline hereteck

Catachan Devil/Catachan Devil rider:
Big Scorpion Rider

Non-Heretical Noise Marine:
Play as the Hunting horn in Monster Hunter or as Guitar Hero

Howling Banshee

Sister of Battle

Orks orks orks. Mercenary

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This is a boring answer, but I’ll be happy with Inquisitor (or his interrogator) and Commissar for myself to play and Eldar Seer for my friend.

No only not eldar please

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I share the sentiment, but they can be useful on occations when put to work against Emperor’s enemies.

this is the path to heresy :slight_smile:


Inquisitor Saltzpyre as our quest giver… somehow !


I would LOVE to see a Skitarii or Techpriest or something.

An Ork would also just be fantastic (the best part of 40k IMO), but I think you run into the problem even harder than in VT that no one would be willing to work with it.

A Necron would also just offer endless potential for amusement, and that is at least borderline possible to occur. Of course, most that are intelligent would likely be way out of the power league of the regular grunts we’re likely to be in control of. But that ancient and weary attitude I’ve seen in some would be quite entertaining.

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I want the elit of the elits of Cadians “KASRKINS!!!”. I rly love them and i have hope the devs and their . And i hope they dont add stormtroopers i rly dont like their look.

An ork (for the bantz obviously)
An Alpha Legion Space Marine
An Emperor’s Children CSM that has fallen to malal and is trying to destroy the other gods, sonic blaster and blastmasters as weapons (and let’s face it, noise marines are the raddest space marines)
A Thousand Sons CSM being all Tzeentchy (what can I say? I like the armour)

In whatever the equivalent for the keep is:
Tau for target practice. Damn gundams.
Eldar slaves.
Pet tyranid serving as trash compactor.

(I stubbornly refuse to believe a necron falls into the realm of the impossible as far as playable characters go, hence I don’t bring them up)