Adeptus Mechanicus

Folks still holding out on hopes for an Adeptus Mechanicus class of some sort?

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I did think that if they did introduced an Admech class it could have a specific unlock requirement related to doing a series of missions for Hadron and after you unlock the ability to create an Admech character. From the perspective of the Mourningstar you’d be more under Hadron than a true reject.

Not before a long time, but it still something that could, and should happen during the live of the game


Hope? Well I still want one, but there so many things they don’t fix…

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Yes, running around as a Tech Adept would be a lot of fun! I think the personalities could be pretty cool as well. I wonder what kinds of Abilities, Blitzes, etc. they’d have?

I’m not so sure about that. Fatshark hasn’t got the best track record when it comes to reasonable unlock requirements. For example, unlocking most of the original (REDACTED) Penance Cosmetics requires that you genuinely grief your team. I think that just giving any of the new Classes to players would be the best option, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made them into paid DLC.

Collect 100% blessings, lol.

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Wouldnt surprise me. That way character creation would be tied to RNG too

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pretty sure a mechnanicus class was way above in any poll, would be dumb not to do them justice.

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As long as playable classes remain “rejects” no servant of the omnissiah will fit in lore wise as they’re all literally brainwashed and incapable of defection or disobedience (as far as i know) (not counting tech adepts/priests).

The only way i can see them being a playable class is if the plot moved on from the whole reject thing

While there are plenty of people asking for a servitor class (some even saying a Kataphron servitor would work perfectly and be totally balanced, lol), I agree that PCs should have actual minds and free wills. Playing a realistic lobotomy patient in an adventure game would be pretty boring, for instance. So, yeah, none of that.

But tech-priests would be perfectly manageable. Yes, they are less likely to be arrested all things considered, but if they get out of a magistrate’s way a little too slowly or whatever stupid thing my vet was sentenced to a lifetime of labor on half rations for, tech-priests could certainly still find themselves aboard the Tancred Bastion even if it is just to be extradited and remanded into Mechanicus custody. But in the meantime, before they are claimed, you could certainly expect the sentences to be carried out, especially if the offense was grievous enough or the offended party sufficiently powerful.

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Magos Dominus: ,Inquisitor, the stugge of Atoma Prime come to our knowlege, we share a goal within the city, An relic was sealed in a vault at root of the Hive, Likelyhood that it fell into the Arch enemies clutches, 72%. It cannot be allowed, --Calculating-- proposition: Attachment of Mechanicum retrieval Units to Strike teams :purpose: information Gathering;Search and Destroy. Suggestion=Beneficial. Combat efficency surge expected = 39%.

Refusal would be Ilogical Inquisitor.

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The problem with that logic is that there is nothing saying whether our characters are definitively innocent or guilty, it is all up to our own individual headcanons.

Virtually anything could get you thrown into prison in 40K; Hel, an Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Adept could end up in prison because something that they said happened to rub a Techpriest the wrong way.

Tech acolytes are not sent to prisons. Adaptus deal with missteps of their own independently. So there would need to be a different prologue and background story. A tech adept could serve on the prison ship as staff and find Zola injured. Or serve Hadron on the Mourningstar and make some mistakes after which Hadron would decide that there is better use for the adept in the war band than in her shrine.

Not really, only Servitor and Skitarii have such things, Tech Menials don’t, which would be the parts that we would start as.

The Reject is very open to a lot of things they can do

Usually yes, but neither are Psyker, they are kept in their own system

So it could be a particularity of the Moebian System, like the lesser Admech forces send their criminals through the Penal system to be carried to where they will be Servitorized.

Except the whole Reject is also shared in voice lines and all, so it would make less sense if it happened like that

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I see. Than I guess it wouldn’t be too crazy to have them in prison. And that would allow them to be rejects too.

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