Play to earn on blockchain!

With gaming crypto and metaverses being the new hotness atm, it would be sweet if the creator of my favorite games would create their new game on a blockchain like Sol or Avax where people like me who have played for thousands of hours could earn a living doing it. Thoughts?

Thought: it is rude to include both “blockchain” and “earn a living” into a single sentence.


Well, if Darktide turns out to be similar to the Vermintides, playing 40 hours a week would be “earning” it in my book.

That’s just twisted. Consuming is not producing and is not servicing therefore it cannot be earning, can it?


Welp, I’m out of any Tide game if they include any sort ofblockchain, NTF, bitcoins or whatever you want

It’s a GAME, not a job


You don’t actually think the “earn a living” is real, do you? The only reason kickstarter games started doing NFTs in their game is to attract investors.
You never even see any real gamer youtubers talk about these games (except for making fun of them), only financial ones do any videos on them.

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Wait, your consumption is turned into production when you sell the items in the economy that you worked for while consuming. The items are yours, to do with what you will. People buy the items and you earn in-game currency for your time. People trade fiat for in-game currency, creating wealth for all who hold the currency.

But what if a game comes along that can be a job? That is exactly the idea of the metaverse that people are talking about currently. New games are being created right now with this in mind. In-game land is being staked by multi-billion-dollar companies. Social spaces for work-related activities are being created. NFTs are being made that you can own and trade as unique accessories for your personal avatar in these spaces. It not only can, but may be both and game and a job in the near future.

I for one, would prefer to do these things in the Warhammer universe created by Fatshark.

Agreed. They all look like shite to me too, but that’s why I bring it up here. Why can’t a good gaming company get involved? It could be epic. Ubisoft and Atari is invested in Ultra who is positioning themselves to be the “Steam of pay to earn crypto games” since Steam said they will not be supporting blockchain games. There’s a lot of money to be made in crypto, and metaverses and gaming just hit the lime-light in the space.

Excuse me, but do you know how blockchain works?

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Most Blockchain fans don’t understand what/how it work

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I used to work in IT but I’m no expert by any means. I have a basic understanding. A blockchain is a decentralized network of computers that builds data structures in chains of blocks that are recorded and everyone can see, and it’s irreversible. How or why video games are being built on them I couldn’t say but people are paying their rent playing games like Axie Infinity as we speak.

When a game comes along that I enjoy as much as Vermintide that can offer me payments like that, I can imagine I’d be more addicted than I already am.

Oh you mean those people who spent about $400 on average to play the idiotic p2p game according to the game’s developing company? Those people who exchange their cryptocurrency tokens on the Binance exchange which is being investigated for money laundring as we speak?

How about: no, thanks?

The most mysterious part for me here is that some pople really do think that they should get paid for producing nothing and for doing nothing and even call that ‘earning’. That’s what I meant by ‘twisted’.


I don’t know about any of that. I’m just a fan of the Vermintide series and would like to see it integrated into the newest technologies because maybe it will be amazing.

And maybe a lawsuit :sweat_smile:

Yeah 1982 is still fresh in our hearts.

Let’s hope FatShark will do a better quality research if they even consider this.

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That’s just another problem though, since Vermintide is on Steam.

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