Play music at the right moment and stop it at the right time

Hello dear Fatshark team !

First of all, let me tell you that you’ve been absolutely killing it with Darktide… I’m really addict to it… played 30h on first beta and 60h on pre-order beta!!!
The thing that made me completly addict is probably the music from Jesper Kyd, which is, imo, next level music for a game.
When I played the first beta it gaves me shivers while I was playing on foundry map, overwhelmed with chaos minions…
Awesome experience but I still have something to say about it : Regarding this particular mission (foundry) I noticed two things :
1- during elevator event, I think music ends too quickly : meaning it stops right after the elevator comes in : Brutal :cry:
2- for the finale event, Immortal Imperium score (one of the best imo) is starting to quickly as if there is no prelude to the event… so it makes the ambiance less tense or less deep than it should be!

It would be great if you can make it end smoother for 1-) and make it begin properly for 2-) !
Thats it for me : please keep giving us your best, its very much appreciate :))

Kind regards from France !
…and long live to the Emperor !!!

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I like the music, but I turned it off because it’s so random… Like halfway through a horde the music starts blaring. Why does it not start after the horde sounds?

You whaaaaat?? It’s one of the best things in the game!!! COMMMISSAAAAAAAAAAR!!!

This is called out of context. The music is good, but it’s not playing when it should and it takes me out of the game. So I turned it off.

yeah this is exactly why I made this post, music has to start at the appropriate moment in game :slight_smile: