Play A Loud Sound When The Minotaur Is Charging

Currently you need to always watch the Minotaur for its charge because as far as I’m aware it doesn’t have any unique audio to signify its charge. This makes it very hard to kite a lot of enemies with the Minotaur. I suggest adding a very noticeable roar for when it is starting its charge.


Agreed. It should probably raise it’s head and give a large bellow before lowering for a charge. Maybe clash it’s two weapons together for awesome effect.


I would love to hear person related sound (something you hear when getting boss aggro). So only person being charged hear it. And it short, good noticeable and stuff.
I like the Idea of clank sound of axes

Preferably something really unsettling like the horde sound for beastmen. Yes, good idea, doesn’t force you to always keep them tagged and with eyes on them.

A really distinct noise was added in the recent update. Thank you for taking our feedback into consideration, it is a great addition.

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Great, now nerf it because it has no weaknesses or openings to attack it other than needing more than 1 person alive.

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