Plasma Guns are Rubbish :-(

Being a 40k nerd i’m really dissapointed that bolters are better than plasma guns. Don’t get me wrong i like bolters and i think the’ve been done wonderfully…but, plasma guns are a bit clunky have and currently dont hit hard enough to warrant the firing delay and other random bumf that comes with them.


What? A plasma gun can one shot Ogryn’s if rolled really well…

I’m going to have to agree with them.

“If rolled really well” doesn’t really inspire any confidence when using a weapon.


Bolters also do away with Ogryns and Beasts and pretty much anything.
That said don’t get me wrong i like the idea behind the mechanics in general. Especially the supercharge blast but the firing delay on the normal shot is terrible and not worth the extra effort over a bolter. Also Plama guns are anti-tank weapons taking out an ogryn is not an impressive feat for a plasma gun…


I tried it a couple of missions and for me the issue was the lack of feedback.

Did i indeed fire the gun ?
Did i hit something ?

The whole feeling of the gun was kind of … Underwhelming.

You probably get used to it but it just wasn’t appealing to use.

Also they appear rarely in the shop and none of them had some decent stats at lvl 30.l for now.

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Not really, Plasma gun is for armoured infantry and light vehicle. In this case I think an armoured Ogryn can (sometimes) survive to one shot.
Metalgun is the real antitank weapon.

But, it’s a detail, i’m agree on the bad feeling with the firing delay and the unbalance against bolter.

Plasma gun need more damage and more AoE and no delay with first shot to be an alternative against Bolter

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A plasma gun is an anti armor weapon that can take out even light tanks from what i remember, it would probably just punch a hole straight through anything thats not wearing… i dont know, some kind of power armor equivalent or perhaps even terminator armor, depends on who is writing the lore at the time i suppose.
But for balance reasons it obviously cant do that in Darktide.

That being said, its overly clunky both when it comes to handling and shooting, feels bad to use in my opinion.

Yeah i could probably one shot an ogryn if i got a good roll on it, and i hit his head while im getting aim flinched by everything that breathes in my direction.
OR, i could just use a bog standard bolter and hip fire an ogryn to pieces in about the same time frame, while only having to deal with SOME of the clunky mechanics that the plasma gun has.

Plasma gun needs a bit of love.


If rolled well is pretty much every weapon. Plasma Guns are great.

When power armor is a thing the line between man and tank blurs. That said, also not crazy about this weapon. It hits okay but it’s handicaps are many.

If a weapon NEEDs a perk to work, it’s a bad weapon. If you can’t use it in malice while it’s Grey it’s a bad weapon.

It’s not enough to hit hard, you also have to make good use of time and be able to make the shot and all that jazz.


Okay, but Bolters can dispatch them just as easily and with less probability involved, all without having to worry about a mechanic that could insta-kill me if ignored…

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying that stapling my scrotum to my chair while juggling my mouse and keyboard before boarding the Valkyrie for a chance to one-hit an ogryn doesn’t seem like a good trade off to just using a bolter…


It’s really a weapon that should be treated as a heavy sniper rifle in FPS terms. It’s extremely accurate even at high ranges, aside from not having iron sights there’s no weapon sway or stability to interfere with lining up your shot, the projectile speed is incredibly fast, it can punch through a row of enemies, it has a large AoE suppression on any targets you hit, it can charge up to do massive damage and even without charging the shot it still hits hard. The first 20% of the overcharge dissipates fairly quickly, you can bring the heat level down faster by venting and so long as you don’t vent over 35% you won’t take damage, and even if you do vent while at higher overcharge it does negligible damage.

As with most weapons there are blessings and traits that make them even better. If Fatshark wants to buff the Plasma Gun, that’s fine by me, but it’s already really good when used properly.

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Yes, because 4 non-connecting pips with zero magnification screams “sniper” to me.

Bolter can stagger enemies surrounding the target and sometimes kill them too if close enough.

Your opinion has been noted, but it is wrong.


Learn to aim.

lmao, classic.

seethe and cope, wronglet.


Left click with the plasma gun should not have a delay. The very slight delay on left click can make you miss riflemen or the squishy specials that like to move like the grenadier or sniper.

I think if the left click had no delay, the weapon would feel serviceable, you only really need the big charged shot against enemies that are bigger than a standard human or are stationary before they attack.


That’s with good blessings and using the charge attack that leaves you with the ability to fire 1 more shot before overheating ^^. You can kill a crusher with a bolter but just shooting a few rounds and then…killing a few more ogryns/elites since you still have ammo


@LoveTruffle 100% Agree. This is my go-to on diff4-5 for it shreds. Once players start to use their hp as a resource, it think it has the potential to rival, if not be better than the bolter.

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The charge attack is a bait. You’re right. There is no reason to use it that 2 well placed shots can overcome. I never use it and I main the Plasma gun.

The bolter has a higher immediate DPS yes, and can clear faster with its clip.

I just prefer more ammo and more staying power, this is where the Plasma gun can outlast the bolter. Switching your weapon to the plasma gun is almost instant, and burning overcharge with hp can be clutch if you need a few shots, you bypass the reload animation!

Once the bolters clip is spent, you either have to charge in, or hunker down and reload. That and every time you switch to it you have to “ready” the weapon, which is awful. Once the plasma gun overheats, you can charge in, hunker down and reload OR burn hp for more shots. You can do this 2 or 3 times before having to reload.

I do prefer the Bolter on the zlot and I think it pairs nice. But for Vet, its no question for me.

At maximum heat the plasma gun should get one or two overcharged shots to use immediately, doing extra damage and causing aoe on impact, setting fire to anything not killed but also dumping all heat. There is no reason for plasma gun to suffer pyro/peril effects or to be able to vent the plasma out the bottom of the gun but not the barrel? As it stands it is barely useful on heresy and requires you to be carried on damnation. It is supposed to be the ranged weapon that sets veterans apart from the other classes, but it is antagonising to use and still does not justify it’s existence or fill any niche what so ever.


read the Patchnotes for todays Update :wink: