Pinpoint Blessing not working on ogryn gauntlet

This blessing isn’t working on gauntlet…

if that is the case maybe put it in the bug section

Are you sure? Last I checked it did work but only on the melee damage, not on the explosion.

OP is not entirely wrong.

The blessing works and does what it says for regular melee attacks with the GG.

But for the weapon special, the melee hit as well as the projectile are not affected by the blessing (although the buff appears and stacks up).

Shooting/aiming is not melee and not the weapon special. Therefore it is not affected by the blessing.

While testing this, i noticed that Shattering Impact does not apply to the projectile from the weapon special.

Since OP posted it here and did not do very well describing the issue, i will just write a bug report for both of these blessings.
Edit: The Pinpointing Target bug has already been reported, so i only wrote a bug report for Shattering Impact.

Meanwhile, in the Bug report section:


y there are a lot of bugs :smiley: i have written one long report that only covers incorrect descriptions of things.
just that post is longer than some entire threads :smiley:

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