Piercing attacks should ignore arm hitboxes/prioritize chest

Boltgun, Plasma Gun, Voidstrike Staff. Their attacks travel through the enemy’s BODY completely, but deal half damage because they hit the arm first. It doesn’t make sense physically and it makes the damage inconsistent. Is this really by design?


You get better results by aiming at the lower body with plasma or a bit over the head. I would welcome this change you are suggesting, but balance-wise is probably intentional to make aggroed enemies harder to kill.

Seconded. It makes no sense and i don’t like it and its anti-fun.


The same applies to light staff attacks. Light staff attacks are a meme as it is, they are totally useless, the front arm hitbox makes using them even less situational.


Ranged weapon melee attacks are almost always mind bogglingly bad. I’ve noticed one of the key issues with chain weapon latching attacks is when it chooses to hit:

  1. Arm
  2. Leg
  3. Model origin point

When it hits any of these the camera just takes you on horrible adventures. So it seems like limb priority is pretty bad for a lot of weapons.