Enemies block lethal plasma bolts with hands


Issue Description:
The issue is that if you aim and shoot an enemy like a Dreg Stalker or Scab Stalker at the chest with the plasma rifle primary fire, but the plasmna bolt hits his hand that he holds in front of his chest, it doesn’t kill them in one hit as it should. If it hits just his chest (or head), it kills him. Assume Damnation HP.
I understand the game logic, the game registers I hit his hands and not his chest, so it does less damage but it makes no sense. The plasma bolt passes through his hand, than his chest and happily anihilates another dreg behind the first one(if it scores a head or chest shot on the second one). If anything, it should do more damage, not less because such plasma shot destroys more body parts (vaporizes his hand and his chest).
This gives inconsistent results when fighting these enemies, there is a need to double check, it a body shot killed an enemy and possibly having to return to him, spend more time and at least double the ammunition on one guy. It would be great, if the game could register both hits on enemy’s hand and torso of these armour piercing attacks, that have more than enough energy to destroy everything in their path, and apply damage accordingly. At least don’t apply damage reduction for hitting extremities.

Steps to Reproduce:
Pick up a plasma gun and shoot at enemy Shooters as described above
Mission Name (If Applicable):


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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I think that if you hit several parts at the same time, the part with the highest damage should be counted first, not the lowest.
I hope this problem can be corrected soon, and plasma really needs some balance compensation, it really is not a good weapon.

Apparently, weapons have a bodypart priority the game checks if an attack cleaves more than one part of an enemy. One of the combat axes and some Ogryn melee weapons have torso priority higher than head, meaning you only get weakspot damage from hitting the head if you only hit the head, cleaving any other body part will invalidate the headshot. It seems like plasma has something similar, limbs have higher priority than torso.

I think the plasma gun is a decent weapon because it does a lot of damage to all armour types which is balanced by limited amount of shots before it overheats. It also has the flexibility of shooting through cover and some walls which feels like literal wallhacks sometimes (I like this gun and I can go on why). But this inconsistency from hitting hands can get you killed on Damnation because enemies that should be dead shoot you again moments later and you might not have another shot available and/or might be reloading the plasma gun.

I feel limited based on ammo far more so than heat. I can just burn hp for more shots, but being heavily ammo negative on all elite and special kills is pretty rough.

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