Make plasma guns less frustrating


Plasma guns shots should find the highest damaging hitbox in their hitscan line an damage that, not the first hitbox in their line. Just like melee weapons do.

I’m sick and tired of having to go for headshots on a weapon that penetrates ~3 people because it deals damage to the first hitbox it touches. Usually that’s a shooter’s wrist that hes pointing his gun at me with.

I should be able to hit a shooter center-mass with this weapon and instantly kill them. As if the low ammo pool, fire rate and punishing overheat mechanic weren’t holding this thing back enough.

As it stands, the only reason(besides the lovely sound design) to use this weapon is as a long-range weapon that ignores suppression. bolter outperforms it in special/ogryn/monster deleting anyways.

Also, venting should drain toughness, and only drain health when you are out of toughness. I think a fair amount of toughness drain would be 30-50% from full overheat. If you can tank a few lasgun shots to the chest, why does a gun being hot do more meaningful damage?


Plasma Gun only deals like 500 damage. It should be 600 on light shots. It also needs what you said.

Thank you for attending my ted-agreement-x-talk


Plasma needs better ammo regen more than damage.

I mean it’s just ridiculous you are ammo negative on every elite kill even with optimal use. You regenerate 2/3 of a normal shot from the vet passive. I regularly run low on it even if I don’t need to deal with shooters/mutants. How little you get from ammo pickups doesn’t help much either…

PS: This is on HiD btw. On low int it’s fine…


Keeping in mind that the bolter is hitting like 424+ and the plasma gun is doing around 500 and the plasma gun only gets like 8~ shots before overheat.

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i’d rather they fixed the fact the gun takes a full second to actually fire when you pull the trigger. i can just aim for the gut if i don’t wanna risk it but it doesn’t matter wher i aim if the enemy gets killed by someone else while i’m getting the plasma out of the gun.

As a bandaid they should remove the health cost for venting unless the heat is critical. Otherwise yes, tighten up the uncharged shot, allow full charge to penetrate bulwark shield and tighten up the ammo efficiency a bit.

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Yeah, the fact shooter enemy can use their arm to stop fricking PLASMA GUN completely and survived with all limb intact make it a complete joke.


I would like to add:

allow any gun that cleaves to penetrate hands and arms to do damage to the body behind it. I doubt they can, but it is rather annoying shooting arms and hands when you’re aiming at the torso. It’s actually better to shoot the gut or legs to avoid the chance of shooting hands in most cases.

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Weapons have a hit location priority that assigns damage location on the event of cleaving multiple parts of the same enemy and I bet you the plasma gun has a weird order like head, arms, torso and then legs (edit: or it’s not implemented properly for ranged weapons).

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I’ve yet to experience this once

The most common talked about one is the Rashad Axe and Ogryn Billy Club and their issue with headshots. Turns out there’s a location priority in the game, and the head has lower priority than the torso, meaning that if you hit both head and torso with the same downwards swing it deals torso damage instead.

It’s most likely a similar thing for the plasma gun.

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ok, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Just go into the psyk with a gun that would normally oneshot in the body and shoot some arms and hands while they’re in front of a body, and you’ll see it doesn’t do any cleave damage to the torso, otherwise it would die from the shot.

Yes? Limbs generally take less damage than most other bits in games.

What I’m saying is they have a system in place to deal with attacks cleaving through multiple parts of the same enemy, but it’s either not implemented on the plasma gun or implemented incorrectly (like the wrong priority).

The problem you’re describing would be like if we shot the body first, then the hand, but it does hand damage, which is not what’s happening. It’s shooting a hand and doing hand damage, then having it cleave past the body and hit somebody behind with full damage. My issue is, with ranged cleave, is that once it does damage to a zone on an enemy, that’s that, and on to the next one. Your issue is if somehow you hit the body or the head first, then for whatever reason it did hand or arm damage. There may very well be something there considering the pervasive still-existence of phantom hits, but that’s still not the issue I’m talking about.

Huh? But that local hit zone priority system would work exactly the same even if you hit hand then body.

Not implemented = stops at the hand.
Wrong priority = it assigns damage to the hand regardless of hit order because hand has higher priority to torso.

It’s just really rare to get a headshot after hitting the body because so few weapons cleave upwards enough.

Oh, I think I know where the misunderstanding is coming from, I’ll edit that post.

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You would have to show us where ranged damage cleaves multiple times on the same target in the code then. It’s my understanding that it doesn’t work that way. I’ve shot things from behind to see if they cleave into the hand after the body, and it still counts as a body hit.

I know that was meant to be snarky, but it can happen when shooting from an elevated position down on something, shooting at enemies climbing over a ledge (which happens often), or if they get knocked over from stagger.

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That’s a good point, if a plasma shot into a torso with a hand behind it doesn’t assign hand damage, then that suggests that the system wasn’t implemented, and probably should be for definitely cleaving weapons like the plasma gun.


A lot of guns cleave at least once though through unarmored enemies. I get why it is the way it is right now, but it’s particularly aggravating with dreg stalkers and how their arms cover up most of their torso, then see the shot still cleave into something behind them even though their body should’ve taken the hit.

Definitely. Especially with that really nice layered damage visual they have, you can chunk the arm, but everything behind that is still pristine. It really messes with the immersion.

I just want ye olde plasma gun to be a good weapon but it kinda blows.