Photo Mode Mod is Epic

Gonna have a lot of fun with this mod and getting some massive moody battle images


Great shot

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That is a nice shot. Do you happen to post on the neogaf PC screenshot thread? Looks like something you would see there.
I have been into “screenshotting” for awhile now. Not sure why I have not delved into this game. Especially with the photo mode mod.

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Let´s get it on the official, so noone will be able to finish any game. Selfie-Gangstaz incoming. :wink:


Thanks, no I don’t post on that thread. I work in media in the normal day job and also do VFX and colour grading on the side.

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Probably gonna spend more time doing this than playing the game now.


do you accept requests? a troll slayer fighting a troll in a forest and ib holding sv in the dwarves ruins while team mates incapacitated or down? :stuck_out_tongue:
In any case, ty, I’ve already updated the windows desktop bg :slight_smile:

Well at least people will have something do to for the next year while waiting for FS to come back.

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I’ll see what I can do. Payment accepted in the form of PayPal or earl grey tea…


Dwarf Slayer vs Chaos Troll in the forest. 4K resolution.


astonished, how can i send appreciation? (btw, thank you)

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Some stills for Youtube thumbnails for upcoming true solo, full book runs

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