Photo/video/tour mode in the future?

I apologize in advance for my English :upside_down_face:

Fatshark, I know you have to solve some really important bugs and issues and you have to deal with the useless feedback, so this is just a little suggestion for the future:

The maps are pure gold. The tone, ambience and light are highly impressive sometimes. Same with the models of the four (or five… it doesn’t matters) of Ubersreik and their enemies.
How about a photo/video mode? Maybe a spectator mode where you can move the camera and take some pictures?

It would be cool as hell. I’m sure the community will do some really beautiful stuff with that tool.
Again, I know there’s way more important things to solve first, but keep it in mind!


yea i wanted a spectate mode so i can laugh at people doing quickplay while eating chips, lol.

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