Peter Jackson says Elves have a greater tolerance than dwarves

Why is Kerrillian affected by this human pee water! Why are there not a large number of empty casks near Kerrillian and Bardin’s seats in the map? Why isn’t Sienna/Bardin literally breathing fire as their Ult only for this map!

I must have answers!

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Kerillian is probably drinking wine, fortified wine, and she drank more than the rest to start with because she hogged all that wine for herself.

Which the others are probably alright with because they are too busy with ale, brandy, beer and ----…what did Sienna drink again? Anything?

Well, if Peter Jackson were directing Warhammer, we’d hardly have our favorite things. Things like:

  • Water Vampire Zombie Pirates
  • Giant ancient Egyptian skeletons that shoot lasers from their eyeballs
  • Dwarves having guns
  • Humans having rocket launchers
  • An elf who walked through some totally normal ritual fire and had a bad time and now his armor has been largely fused with his skin because he didn’t really want to take it off and now he’s had a really bad day and the majority of Ulthuan is worried because his name is Malekith and he rules Naggarond and he’s pissed
  • Rats having lazers guns
  • Elves are heretics anyways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Needless to say, I’m happy for the canon as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

peter who? the one who botched the first fantasy book I ever read?


Aye that he is. He is on the list laddie no worries.

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