Perma vomiting troll

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Probably load in in the wrong moment

It’s not really necesary to fix but it looks funny :slight_smile:

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console-2019-05-03-18.58.59-8b3c9f16-494c-4401-a2d0-6cb4a28a2c4a.log (2.8 MB)


Most of it seems to be visual only. I actually kind of like these quirks on the rare occasion I come across them. Same thing can happen with the Stormfiend’s flamethrower.

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^This, it happened to me 5 or 6 times since the game came out. Same goes for specials sound effects remaining even after specials are killed.

The tread title made me think this was a post advertising a night out in Portsmouth UK.


Yup it’s funny. About the stormfiend dough I only have seen perma fire if he died while blasting letting him blast away beyond the grave.

I’ve had the fire way more times than the vomit. It seems to happen when you load in the middle of a monster fight at just the right time when the attack is active. I join matches often so I probably come across them more than the average person.

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